6 Best Bed Bug Mattress Covers Compared For Effectiveness (2021 Reviews)

It is no secret that a large majority of people have a bit of experience with bed bugs, whether they like it (or admit it) or not. 

You may even have some experience yourself, or maybe your kid is going to college and you cringe at the thought of those little blood suckers invading his or her dorm room mattress (and inevitably bring them back home at some point or another).

That said, investing in one of the best bug mattresses will help you eliminate these pests before they invade your home and disturb your life.

Overview: Bed Bug Mattress Cover Top Pick

SureGuard encasement is our choice for the best bed bug mattress cover

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What Is A Bed Bug Mattress Cover?

If you have never heard of a bed bug mattress cover, and you’ve come in contact with bed bugs and are looking for passive solutions (rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a professional exterminator), then you have some learning to do today.

A bed bug mattress cover is essentially a huge Ziploc bag that is used to encase your mattress (and every last bed bug on it prior to the cover being placed on) that will help you in more ways than one.

A cover or encasement of this kind is designed to fit snuggly and airtight all around your mattress. It prevents the bed bugs from getting on top of the bed and biting you, make them starve and eventually dying.

It will also protect your mattress from a new bug infestation. Bed bug won’t be able to get on your mattress and live in the tiny flaps of it, where it is moist and warm; the perfect environment for them.

 Extra bonus!

If you don’t have a bug problem, the cover will help you spot them in case they appear, making it so much easier for you to spot them and deal with them quickly and efficiently.

What To Consider Before Buying A Bed Bug Mattress Cover?

As you embark on your journey for the best bed bug mattress for you, you are going to come across a massive slew of options. So, you will need to make a few considerations before you end up with an inferior product.

What Sort Of Fabric Does It Consist Of?

There are a few different types of fabrics on the market that are more popular than others when it comes to bed bug mattresses. The type of fabric is crucial because it determines not only how comfortable the cover is but how durable, breathable, and hypoallergenic it is as well.

On one hand we have 100 percent polyester covers, which are durable and sturdy but will probably get a little hot during the night as they trap heat and may have a wrinkly feel to it, making it a bit uncomfortable to sleep in. However, a pair of sheets should help you with that problem.

On the other hand we have a cotton-polyester mix or 100 percent cotton. This mix will be much more comfortable to lay on as it is breathable and doesn’t feel so plastic-y. It also has the benefit of not heating up while you sleep, saving you from sweaty nights.

You should also check the fine print for the toxic free and hypoallergenic materials, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Does It Have A Bed Bug Proof Label?

It is easy to get lost while exploring your options. Before completing a purchase, look for the bed bug proof label.

This essentially means that the manufacturer of the product has thoroughly tested that the cover truly does exactly what it promises to do. 

Many listings will try to trick you into buying simple general cases as covers, which don’t fit airtight or around all six sides of the mattress and leave room for bed bugs to get in and out of, thus making it unsuitable for the job.

If you don’t see that label take that item out of your shopping cart and explore better and safer options.

How Strong Are The Seams And Zipper?

It may seem the least of your problems, but the quality of the zipper and the seam will literally make or break the efficiency of the product.

Why, you wonder?

Zippers must be closed completely. The bed bugs have to stay in the cover for a long time so they can’t bite you and get their food. Even the slightest gap in the closing of the zipper will leave you exposed to the tiny vampires as they search for revenge,

Same goes for the seaming. No gaps should be present and when pulled, the stitching should be close together and tight and not getting ripped in the first few months of use.

Is It WaterProof?

You may want to consider buying a cover that is also waterproof. You can find the bed bugs without worrying about any liquid spills, food stains or your kid’s accidents (also no more worrying about salsa stains on your mattress while you watch Friends).

Many brands will put a waterproof label on the box but in reality it will only protect you from the tiniest amount of water.

But be careful!

Depending on the quality and breathability of the product there is a chance of water and moist getting mold and other unwanted bacteria inside your case.

You can easily tackle this problem by checking the material used in the making of your specific choice.

How Reliable And Expensive Is It?

If you’re taking note of these considerations, and applying them to the bed bug covers your most interested in buying, by now, you probably down to the most comfortable, durable, and over-all high-quality bed bug mattress covers.

That said, this may not really be the case. If the product isn’t reliable enough, and the price is too high (or low in some strange cases), the option is probably a no-go.  So, do yourself a favor and take a closer look at what you are about to purchase and think it through completely.

A good cover should last you several years without losing its shape and elasticity.

In the same way you should keep your mattress clean, the cover should be easy to take off and apply as you’ll need to do this for regular cleaning as well.

Those kinds of great covers come with a x-amount of warranty, starting from 1 year and going up to 10, depending on the brand and the price. 

Choose a reputable and well known brand that specializes in bed related products and excels in quality control and customer service.

The Best 6 Bed Bug Mattress Cover Reviews

Here’s our list of bed bug mattresses worth investing in. Each of the products we’ve selected stood out among the rest for various reasons including their high-quality materials, excellent ratings, and risk-free or money-back guarantees.

Check them out below:

1. SureGuard Mattress Encasement (Top Pick)

The SureGuard mattress encasement is a 100% waterproof, hypoallergenic cover that fully protects you with a “super fine zipper with Invisi-Zip and SureSeal technology”.

It is one of the few covers that is made of 100% cotton, making it softer and more breathable option than most of the products available. 

The SureGuard mattress encasement has been certified to be toxic free, hypoallergenic and has earned the “bed bug proof” label. It also has 10 years warranty which is the longest one available.


  • More comfortable than most bed bug mattress covers
  • Very breathable cotton materials
  • Accurate sizes
  • Easy to install and clean


  • Not waterproof, rather the cover is water resistant

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2. Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement

The Utopia cover is an OEK-Tex standard environmentally friendly cover that is PVC waterproof from all sides, machine washable and easy to handle. It comes with a zipper that allows the cover to fully close and stay airtight on the mattress. Even though it is made of 100% polyester the description promises it is noiseless and wrinkly free.

It comes in all bed sizes, from Twin to California king and it helps you protect your mattress from dust mites, bed bugs and fluids. 


  • Dust and allergen resistant
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • No wrinkles


  • May rip easily
  • Zippers are poorer quality than other brands
  • Not waterproof or resistant

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3. HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Sleep Defense System-Zippered Box Spring Encasement

This Hospitology box spring cover is a part of the brand’s “Sleep Defense System” that specializes in providing you with the best products for your sleep. It comes with a “high thread count and extra tough seam construction”. 

This encasement is allergen free, vinyl free and is made of 100% polyester knit fabric that is breathable and light.  

It is best suited for thinner mattresses that might be too small for the usual bed bug covers.

Although it is machine washable and comes with a 5 year warranty, it is not waterproof.


  • Kills and prevents bed bugs very well
  • Soft polyester (doesn’t feel like plastic)
  • Breathes well and cleans easy
  • Strong seam and quality zippers


  • No waterproof, only semi water resistant
  • Not as comfortable as other brands
  • Not very breathable

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4. BedSure Zippered Waterproof Mattress Encasement

Another great product made by BedSure. It is a high quality lab tested cover, designed specifically to be “remarkably waterproof” and bug proof-ed. It comes with a six side protection and a zipper with a pad cover that prevents dust mites and bed bugs from annoying your sleep.

Made from 100% microfiber polyester, this product is lightweight, soft and doesn’t make you feel like you sleep on a plastic shell.


  • It isn’t noisy or wrinkly
  • Extremely breathable compared to other covers
  • 100 percent waterproof and airtight seals
  • Easy to install


  • Inaccurate mattress cover sizes
  • May not have the best quality zippers

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5. LINENSPA Zippered Encasement 

The LINENSPA zippered encasement is a popular thin cover made of polyester. The company says it works great as a bed bug and dust mite barrier while being soft, breathable and waterproof. 

It is noiseless and doesn’t feel like plastic or heat up while you move around in your sleep.  It is toxic free and protects sensitive skin from allergens. It also comes with a long 10 year warranty. 


  • Easy to install and clean
  • Accurate mattress cover sizes
  • Waterproof, works great as a potty training mattress cover 


  • Not very breathable, gets hot at night
  • May have loose seams

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6. SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement

The SafeRest premium zippered mattress encasement is a lab tested and bug proof certified hypoallergenic case that will protect you from allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. The cover comes with a zipper with a flap that fully encloses your mattress from all six sides, making it impossible for bug to escape once closed.

SafeRest went all the way and developed a thin, waterproof and toxic free, machine washable cover to dress your mattress while providing you with a 10 year warranty.

It is made of 100% cotton and it’s light to the touch and breathable without compromising quality.


  • Waterproof and airtight seal
  • Accurate mattress cover sizes
  • Easy to use and upkeep


  • Possible poor zipper quality

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Which One Is Best?

With all of the options out there, you may feel a bit put-off trying to pick the best one. And that’s where we come in with our list of the best bug mug mattress covers. All of these options will result in a whole-lot of pain for the bed bugs and a whole lot of sound sleep for you.

That said, the SureGuard encasement is our choice for the best bed bug mattress cover of them all based on how it fit all of our criteria (and then some) with flying colors. If you are looking for a comfortable, safe to sleep on (no-toxic), bed bug mattress cover that doesn’t cost a fortune, this is the one for you.

In addition, if you want a more waterproof option to use on your children’s bed to avoid night accidents from staining your mattress, BedSure will be your best ally for years to come.

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