5 Best Bug Zappers Of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Looking for a bug zapper so you can finally relax without swatting you’re own face every 3 seconds?

You’re in the right place. In this guide, I’ll review and compare the top zappers so you can get the best bug zapper for you, and finally stop slapping your own face.

Best Rated Bug Zapper: Micnaron Bug Zapper

the best bug zapper is the Micnaron Bug Zapper.

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What To Consider Before Buying A Bug Zapper

All bug zappers are not the same.

Sure there is the classic hanging type that we may see at a cabin, but there are more modern versions. These contemporary factors play a huge role in its effectiveness, which  will make a major impact on which zapper is best for you.


How well a bug zapper can lure in mosquitos, or other types of bugs, is a play a major role in how effective it will be at reducing the insect population that surrounds your property.

Many bug zappers have a distal range of a couple of feet, to half, or even a full acre on the high end.

Take into consideration the location that you will place the bug zapper. Will it be inside of your house? How about outside hanging on the porch? 

These factors will determine the distance of range that you will need to entice, and relieve yourself of your bug issue. 

Design & Construction

I’m sure you’re not looking for a dingy bug zapper that’s going to flicker on and off; so the aesthetics and how it’s designed are important. 

When seeking the right type of zapper, notice the material that it’s made of. It could be a form of metal or plastic that should protect its inner contents – the parts that actually lure and eradicate the bugs.

Questions to ask yourself concerning construction could be:

  • “What’s the power source?”
  • “ How long will it last?”
  • “ Does it have a bug collection tray?”

Of course there are more questions to ask, and I’ll answer them for you soon enough.

5 Best Bug Zapper Reviews

With all of the consideration and new facts that have been given to you, it’s time to review the top bug zappers that I have to offer you. 

1. Big Devil Mosquito Trap Electric Bug Zapper

One of the sleekest devices on the market, the Mosquito Trap Electric Bug Zapper is definitely a prime device worth mentioning.

It has a solid black design with a suction fan, and a 360 degree LED UV light that is used to draw in the mosquitos.Although it’s ultraviolet light, it won’t harm you, and is said to be safer than the average bug spray. 

A cool feature that this zapper presents is that it will run two to three days without interruption, when first used.

One of the most convenient attributes of this zapper is that it has a trap compartment, which is located at the bottom of the device. 

So no need to strain yourself to pick up a dead bug; simply turn the bottom clockwise, and easily dump the tray of dead mosquitos into the garbage!

It has no hazardous materials, oil and high-temperature resistant, making it both safe and friendly for the whole family to use both inside and outside of the house.


  • Hands-free operation.
  • It has a compartment for collecting zapped mosquitos.
  • Range of 45 to 80 square meters.
  • Great price for capabilities.


  • Small size.
  • Emits UV light.
  • It must be stored in a dark area.

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2. 2020 Indoor Bug Zapper

This could be one of the best indoor bug zappers due to its convenience. The 2020 Indoor Bug Zappers has all of the amenities that you can think of for effectively neutralizing bugs.

It features two plug-in zappers with a total of 4 UV LED lights (two in each), that will easily attract mosquitos to it, and instantly zap them with small, yet powerful voltage of electricity. It not only works well with mosquitos, but with gnats, flies, and moths as well.

This attributes makes it powerful enough to kill a bug, but not harm you, or a small child that may also be attracted to it. 

You can rest at ease within your house with this zapper because it has the ability to attract mosquitos within 500 square feet, and rid you of them within one second of direct physical contact.

It’s made of high-quality material that is made to last you throughout several bug-filled summers.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Durable material and effective design.
  • Can fit into any wall socket.
  • Hands-free and convenient.


  • Can only be used indoors.
  • No compartment for dead bugs.
  • Small sized.

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3. Micnaron Bug Zapper (Top Pick)

An extremely qualitative solution for an ongoing problem, the Micnaron Bug Zapper may be all you need to rid yourself of any flying bug or insect. 

It safely provides 360 degrees of 365mm UV light, which will attract any insects with wings within a 500 square foot area. You can place it on a countertop , or hang it up three-to-five feet away for effective luring. 

Once the bugs are drawn in, they will be instantaneously killed with 1,000 volts of pure electricity! It comes with an easy-to-remove collection tray, which can be cleaned with a soft brush.

It has four hours of run time, which barely increases electricity rates, and has the feature of silent buzzing, and only makes a sound when a bug is zapped, informing you that it is operating successfully. 

It’s weather-proof and fire-proof, and is designed with an electric grid for safety, to keep anyone from directly touching the voltages. 


  • Amazing value for the price.
  • Quality material and very durable.
  • Powerful voltage to ensure bug neutralization.
  • Attractive design.


  • It has to be plugged in (however, cord is included.)
  • Must be left on for 24 hours to achieve desired effect.
  • Can’t be used around other light sources.

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4. EZ Zap Rechargeable Zapper

The EZ Zapper has a unique and colorful design: it has a gate that comes in a variety of colors, and guards the main attraction which is the light source. 

The wire-covered light has the main job of attracting and striking the unfortunate bug with high-voltage electricity.

The light source is protected by a silicon-type balloon that is both durable and safe. 

You’ll receive two lantern bulbs in each set, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. A cool fact about the EZ Zapper is that it’s designed with a fold-out handle for overhead protection in your home, backyard, porch, or even your bedroom.

It also includes a USB charger that allows for three different brightness – or voltage – settings, as well as keeping the lanterns lit for many hours. 

Because of the USB charger, these dual-action bug zappers wireless. Sure, they require batteries to turn on and off, but guess what? The batteries are included; how fortunate!


  • Compact size for easy travel.
  • Catches a lot of mosquitos for its size.
  • High quality material and very durable.


  • Covers a small amount of area.
  • Other bugs may avoid it because of the color.
  • Uninflated balloon is a choking hazard.

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5. Elucto Large Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter

The Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter from Elucto has brought a classic way of attacking bugs into the modern times. 

It’s a hand-held zapper that resembles a miniature tennis racket, with the convenience of a swatter, and the power of a fly trap. 

In just one swat, you’ll be able to capture the annoying mosquito, or any other nettling bug, and end its nuisance. 

The Elucto Electric Bug Swatter has a great black and yellow design that will make it easy to find, and use, while outside or inside of home. It has only one layer of electric netting, which means the bug won’t get stuck between the lining.

Because it’s hand-held, the range of this device is as far as you are willing to go. 

It’s made of a durable material, and has a solid grip so it won’t slip out of your hand while swatting. The off switch is stealthy, and located on the handle, so now worries about your kids hurting themselves.


  • Batteries are included.
  • Great value for money.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Awesome durability.


  • Rectangular handle grip instead of circular.
  • May only stun instead of neutralize.
  • Foul odor is bug is left on the swatter.

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Which Is The Best?

Out of the top 5 recommendations, the best bug zapper is the Micnaron Bug Zapper.

It covers all of the basis that you’ll need for full protection. It has high voltage electricity and an internal tray to  kill and collect the dead bugs; it also has a gate to prevent direct touching of the source, the design is sleek, and it’s magnificently priced for the value that it brings. 

When compared to the other four products, the Micnaron Bug Zappers stands out the most, and will do a wonderful job at defending and protecting you from the wrath of a mosquito bite.

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