5 Best Indoor Ant Killers Reviewed 2021

Resolving an indoor ant infestation may seem like an impossible task. 

As quickly as you wipe them out, scores of replacements appear in their places.

However, the best indoor ant killers enable you to get rid of your infestation once and for all.

Top Pick: Home Plus Ant Killer

The best indoor ant killer is Home Plus Ant Killer.

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What is Indoor Ant Killer?

There are many different kinds of indoor ant killer, ranging from natural products that get the job done, such as essential oils, to much stronger products such as pesticides. Some products, such as aerosols and foggers are applied to ants directly and yield immediate results. Other products work by slowly poisoning the pests. 

The most effective of these are usually bait-based ant killers. They work by mixing their slow-acting poison with an attractive food source. The ants are lured in, and they never live to tell the tale.

What to Consider Before Buying Indoor Ant Killer?

There are many different brands and varieties of ant killer and it can be difficult to know where to start looking. It is helpful to know some factors to consider when comparing different indoor ant killers to ensure you make the best decision for your household.

How Effective Is It Against Queens And Colonies?

If you have an ant infestation, the resolution lies in the entire colony being killed, including the queen. 

Bait-based ant killers work by tricking the ants into perceiving the pesticide as food. These often use boric acid mixed with sugar solutions. Ants carry these baits to their nests, and spread it to the rest of the colony.

Sprays & foggers kill all ants that directly receive the spray, but this means that they have no effect on those that didn’t come into contact with the killer. Aerosols and foggers do not completely eradicate an ant population, but they can significantly reduce the number of ants in your household.

How Long Does It Take to Start Killing Ants?

How long the product will take to eradicate all the ants is another important consideration to make. Aerosols, sprays & foggers work instantly, by being directly applied to live ants. 

These can very quickly reduce the number of ants in your household, giving you some quick relief. Some work by effectively drowning the ants, but others use essential oils or stronger active ingredients to quickly kill the ants.

However, bait-type ant killers may take longer to work, as they use slow acting poison to make sure it is distributed throughout the colony. These traps can take from 2-4 weeks to completely kill the entire colony.

How Easy (Or Hard) Is The Product To Use?

Some indoor ant killers come ready while others require some sort of activation. Spray ant killers are ready to use, often requiring a thorough shaking. They are often easy to use as well. Bait ant killers often do not require any preparation, only requiring placement near where ants have been sighted.

That said, some ant killers are more complicated to use. For example, concentrated pesticides consisting of liquid have to be diluted with water before use. Further, how complicated trap-type ant killer products are to bait, set, and place, affect the overall ease of use factor.

Does The Product Have Fumes Or Leave A Smell?

When shopping for ant killers to use indoors, the smell of the product is crucial (including how long it sticks around for). Aerosols and sprays can have a strong scent if made of artificial ingredients, so this may be something to consider. 

Bait ant killers are often available odour free, as the pesticide is encased in packaging (with only a few entryways for the ants). Some bait traps are exposed, however, or the pesticide must be directly applied to the floor or points of entry into the house. These can be very strong smelling and take weeks to clear out without help.

How Safe Is The Product To Use In Your Home?

Perhaps the most crucial factor to consider is the safety and toxicity of the pesticide, especially when intended for use inside the household. The kitchen is one of the most common places that ant infestations occur, so the toxicity of the products used there should be considered with care, as this is a food preparation area.

Aerosol killers enter the air when they are used, meaning they can be inhaled during use. Rooms where they are used should be well aerated during and after use. This is something to consider when comparing different ant killing solutions.

The toxicity of any given ant killer is extra crucial in homes where children, pets, and plants are present. That said, borax based bait killers are more suitable, as boric acid is a natural mineral and is not harmful in small doses. Baits that work with traps are also a great choice for homes with kids and pets, as the casing keeps the poison from being ingested by anything but the pests being targeted.

5 Best Indoor Ant Killers Reviewed

If you look up ‘indoor ant killer’ on Amazon.com, hundreds of similar looking results turn up, and it can be difficult to know which to spend your money on. Read on to discover the top 7 indoor ant killers on Amazon.com.

1. Home Plus – Ant killer (Top Pick)

This ant killer is a no-fuss ant infestation solution; the product is already pre-distributed into small metal tins. These serve as bait stations, as ants will enter the casing and take some food laced with poison. They will then take it back to their nest, allowing more ants to feed on the poisoned food. As their nests are contaminated, this product destroys the entire colony. 

All you have to do to these traps before use is to push in the semi-perforated holes on the casing to create holes for the ants to pass freely. Then, place these bait stations around the house, focusing on the areas where the ants are commonly seen. The bait stations should be removed after 30 days, by which time you will be completely free of the little pests.


  • Effective on entire colony, including the queen.
  • Child-safe and pet-safe.
  • Works in less than 24 hours.


  • May require more than one set.
  • Very small ants may not enter the bait trap.
  • Does not attract all types of ants.

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2. Terro PCO – Liquid Ant Bait

This ant killer is the real deal. Professional ant exterminators rely on this product to eliminate ant infestations due to its strength and effectiveness. Similarly to the previous product, this indoor ant killer relies on borax to kill ants. This product is a concentrated solution of boric acid and must be diluted per the instructions before use. Diluting the liquid ant bait is easy to do and is essential for the efficiency of the product. When the product is diluted, it is easier for ants to take it and deliver it to further ants in the nest before they die. 

This ant killer comes in 3 different strengths: 1%, 2% and 5%, meaning you can find the perfect formulation for your needs. This ant killer will kill the majority of ants after just a few days, but it is important that the liquid is not removed for 2 weeks as it will take this time for the infestation to be completely eradicated.


  • Professional grade ant killer with 3 different strengths.
  • One bottle can last for several years.
  • It is not harmful to the environment
  • Only a small amount of this concentrated solution is needed


  • Borax is poisonous to plants
  • Not ready for use, it must be diluted first.
  • The liquid solution stops working once dried.

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3. Zap-A-Roach – The Original Roach and Ant Killer

This ant killer is an easy to use powder that will eliminate ants in a safe, pesticide-free way. First introduced in 1946, this borax-based pest killer does not only work on ants; it is effective on silverfish, fleas and even roaches. 

Due to the fact that this product only uses boric acid to kill ants, it is safe to use indoors, especially in households with children and pets. It should still be kept out of their reach, however, as ingesting large doses of borax can be dangerous. This ant killer is non-staining and can be used on a variety of surfaces, but it should not be used on those where food is prepared.

To use this powder, hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle, so that the powder can flow out when squeezed. The borax should be applied liberally in gaps in the skirting boards and door frames, behind appliances and scattered down pipes and drains. Some should also be placed in the ants’ favourite places, to allow them to easily access the boric acid and to take it back to their nest. 

This ant killer takes 2 weeks to rid you of your ant infestation, but immediate results will be seen after a couple of days.


  • Safer for animals and children than other products.
  • Non-staining formula.
  • It is odourless.


  • Not for use in kitchens or food storages.
  • Powder can get stuck in the nozzle
  • Requires a lot of clean-up.

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4. Terro – Liquid Ant Baits

This indoor ant killer is produced by Terro, the same brand that creates the previous product. This borax-based ant killer is also a liquid formula, and it is easy to use and ready to go. The liquid comes sealed in small trays, which are discreet and easy to hide. These trays serve as bait stations to attract the ants to the poison, as the boric acid is mixed with an attractive sugary liquid. This product is a bait ant killer, so the formula is effective for killing the entire colony, including the queen ant.

The packaging of these liquid trays allows the liquid to stay fresh until opened. When ready to use these, simply snap off the perforated tabs to create a hole in the tray to allow the ants to enter. Place these along baseboards, under windowsills, by doorways, and any potential entry point into the house. To allow this product to work more quickly, place some bait stations wherever ants are spotted. Make sure the trays are placed on a flat surface to avoid leaking. In less than 2 weeks these will end your ant infestation.


  • Bait stations are small and easily hidden.
  • Kills all common species ants.
  • Quick and easy to use


  • The bait may stain surfaces and materials
  • May leave a sticky residue.
  • The trap hole is too small for some ant species.

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5. Harris – Ant Killer Spray

Harris’ ant killer spray is specially formulated with the family in mind. This spray is all natural as the active ingredients are clove and cottonseed plant oils, which are proven to kill ants in under 30 minutes. This spray is all natural, so it can be used in areas where children and animals are present. Moreover, it can be used in the kitchen and in areas where food is prepared, as long as food does not come into contact with the spray. This ant killer is also non staining, so it can be used all around the house without issue. Due to the essential oils, it has a pleasant scent.

This ant killer works through direct contact with the ants. To use this ant killer, simply spray the ants from 8-12 inches away until they are visibly wet. The area doesn’t need to be fully saturated for the spray to work. That said, this product instantly kills ants without relying on strong chemicals. But, it does not kill ants that don’t come into direct contact with the spray.


  • Pleasant scent that fades quickly.
  • Non-staining formula.
  • Starts working in less than 30 minutes.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Only kills ants that come in direct contact with the spray.
  • This spray does not repel additional ants
  • Takes more time (and more work on your part)

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What is The Best Ant Killer For Inside The House

For me, the best indoor ant killer has to be the Home Plus Ant Killer. Natural, it’s super easy to use, is safe, and begins working quickly as well. The main ingredient is odorless boric acid.

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