7 Best Mosquito Repellents for Babies Reviewed for 2021

You know what’s worse than constantly getting bit by mosquitoes? Your baby getting eaten up by them.

This is a serious situation considering the fact that mosquitoes carry various types of disease; and with a lower immune system, babies are quite vulnerable.

To help protect your baby, check out this list of the best mosquito repellents for babies.

Products Reviewed

Our top pick for the best mosquito repellent for babies is KKPOT Baby Mosquito Bug Repellent

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Are Mosquito Repellents Safe For A Baby?

Certain attributes are important to take note of in order to choose the best mosquito repellent for your young one. 

Some of those attributes include the presence of industrial chemicals, synthetic versus natural ingredients, and how long the repellent will last.

Industrial Chemicals

There are a plethora of different chemicals that are used in commercial mosquito repellents that you should be aware of that are highly effective against bugs and mosquitoes.

Included in the list of commercial chemical of mosquito repellents are picaridin, DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide), permethrin, P-menthane-3,8-diol, and even Metofluthrin.

To be clear, these chemicals are used across several platforms, and used in technical manners to rid the community of mosquito infestation, while keeping you safe in the process.

They have been approved for use on babies older than two months old, and are capable of being used on clothing and baby furniture – like a stroller – within the amount recommended. 

When dealing with an industrial chemical, here are some great ways to use it effectively and safely.

Look at the ingredients list to find out which chemical you’re working with; then compare it to the sensitivity of your baby’s skin to see if it’s a good match, or if you should switch it.

Next, refrain from putting these chemicals on your baby’s hands. This is a viable suggestion due to the fact that babies are known for putting their fingers in their mouth. 

In addition, once you and your baby have finished your great day in nature, be sure to use soap and water to completely clean your protected areas that may still have the repellent on it. This keeps it from seeping deeper into the skin.

Even through the caution of heavy usage, industrial chemicals do their job well at effectively keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Synthetic Vs. Natural 


The chemicals that I previously mentioned would be considered “synthetic”, or shortly put, fake. 

These products are not naturally derived, they are created. And with each synthetic material that is inside of the mosquito repellent of your choice, there’s always a worry of caution attached to it.

Synthetic chemicals, like the ever-popular DEET, can be pretty good at deterring mosquitoes away, and will forever be a part of the repellent industry. But it can leave greasy residue behind on your baby or toddler’s skin; in the end, a little oil is better than a lot of mosquito bites.


Natural chemicals are becoming known as an amazing alternative option within the mosquito repellent field because of the potential dangers of a synthetic material, and the soft, yet strong effects of plant power.

These “chemicals” aren’t actually chemicals per se, they are usually oils taken from organic plants of the Earth. They are tested in laboratories to ensure that they will do a great job at keeping your baby’s skin and overall health at the optimal level that you expect it to be.

Some examples of the plants chosen to be soldiers in the war against mosquito bites are eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, and citronella. 

The oils that are typically chosen have certain components such as menthol, or other biochemical traits that are strong enough to obscure the sensors of the mosquito, and move them away from your clean and clear area.

Length of Use

How long the mosquito repellent works for is a highly considerable attribute to take note of. I’m sure you’d be upset if you purchased a fine repellent just to find out that it doesn’t last longer than the cry of your infant. 

Typically, the length of effectiveness for a mosquito repellent is based on the percentage of DEET in the product. The average amount tends to be within 20% and 30%, giving it the strength to last around two to ten hours.

With that being said, take a good look at the ingredients of the repellent. That will give you a ballpark idea of how long the repellent will last while it’s operating on your baby’s body. 

When it comes to products that do not contain DEET, or any commercial chemical, the duration of use can range between one to two hours; with some lasting up to five hours when combined with other chemicals.

What gives it this standard length are specific biochemicals derived from the plant that are included into the repellent solution; an example of this is menthol.

Natural mosquito repellants can be a fair alternative to non-chemical based mosquito repellents, and can keep your baby just as equally protected. 

And whether industrial or natural, there are even some even better product could last several several days! 

7 Best Mosquito Repellents for Babies Reviews

We do our best to protect our babies at all times, especially when it comes to a disease-carrying mosquito that could change both your and your baby’s life in an instance.

So let’s see which mosquito repellent would protect your baby the best. 

1. Brookhaven Delight’s Mosquito Repellent Patch

Effective for all ages, including your baby, the Mosquito Repellent Patch is a solid choice for your outdoor fun in the sun!

It contains 120 patches and two wristbands that can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect your baby from the potential harm of a mosquito. 

The patches are infused with 100% natural material and official plant oils like lemongrass and geraniol, just to name a few, and does a pretty good job at protecting your skin, without DEET, or other toxic chemicals.

It has long lasting protection; each patch is capable of repelling mosquitoes away from you and your baby for up to 24 hours! And it even comes with an airtight sealed bag that can be used for storage when you’re not using them. 

Since it’s meant for babies and toddlers, the design has to be appealing, right? 

Well, that’s taken care of with six kinds of animal faces including squirrel, eagle, dolphin, elephant, koala, and tiger. These stickers make for functional protection for your baby.


  • Aesthetically pleasing for babies.
  • Great value for cost.
  • Highly effective against mosquitoes.


  • May require more than one for optimal effectiveness.
  • Loses life if not resealed back into the packaging.
  • Adhesive weakens when it’s wet.

2. KKPOT Baby Mosquito Bug Repellent (Top Pick)

Easy to apply and aesthetically pleasing, the KKPOT Baby Mosquito Bug Repellent has a knack for effectively drive away mosquitoes from your baby, and anyone holding them.

It’s a small circular de vice that can clipped on to the clothing of your baby.

It’s comfortable to wear, easy to use, and will not fall off due to the durable material of the repellent. It can be cuffed onto the onesie, shoelaces, or even the baby bag!

It’s effective in keeping mosquito away during hot summer days due to its 100% organic plant-based ingredients such as chamomile, peppermint, and citronella for optimal repellent power. With these essential oils, you can expect up to 60 days of protection for your baby. 

The best part is that since the oils are contained in the plastic, and doesn’t actually touch the skin, it’s very safe for infants, babies, toddlers, and pregnant women, which is a great safety feature.


  • It’s safe for both babies and pregnant women.
  • High-quality safety features.
  • Convenient and easy application.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Great adhesion and won’t fall off.


  • May have to use two or more for maximum results.
  • Loses life if not resealed in package.
  • Toddlers may be tempted to tamper with it.

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3. Babyganics Bug Spray

You and your lovely baby can step outside safely knowing that you’re protected with Babyganics Bugspray.

Safety is always first, so let’s start with the fact that it is made with 100% natural essential oils containing soybean, peppermint, lemongrass, geranium, citronella, and rosemary. This is a fine mixture of plant-derived oils that are proven by scientific research to stop mosquitoes in their tracks.

Since it’s a plant-based product, it contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, or DEET. 

These types of chemicals have been known to cause skin irritation, and other detrimental factor to the human body, so it’s cool that you won’t have to worry about this factor with this product.

In addition to it not having a bunch of questionable chemicals in it, the essential oils leave a lovely aroma around you baby, instead of greasy formula that other repellents may provide.

Not only does it do an adequate job at warding off mosquitoes, but you can also add gnats and flies to the mix as well!


  • Easy to travel with.
  • Certified natural ingredients.
  • Significantly cuts down on mosquito bites.


  • May have to be applied several times for full effectiveness.
  • Not meant for babies under six months old.
  • Takes about an hour to soak into skin.

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4. Premium Clip On Mosquito, Bug & Insect Repellent

Another awesome cuff that your baby will enjoy is the Premium Clip-On Insect Repellent. 

You may also find it pleasing because it features the cutest little shapes, like circles and stars, that you have known to grow and love! The fact that it’s a clip-on also makes it a more efficient technique for bug control.

Even more significant is the fact that there is no direct skin contact with clip-on, so there’s less worry about skin irritation, bumps, or rashes. It will protect your baby’s clothes as well, making it harder for mosquitoes to sneak in on your baby for a quick snack.

It’s a natural and quality product. Its ingredients are made from essential oils such as citronella, chamomile, and peppermint; three of the most potent oils for mosquito repellent due to the menthol that it contains. 

The entire Premium Clip-On Repellent package will last for collective 1400 hours, and can be used both inside and outside for your convenience. 


  • Amazing length of device life. 
  • Eye-catching design for parents and children.
  • Great choice for expecting or pregnant women.
  • Comes four in a pack.


  • Two or more are needed for higher effectiveness.
  • Super strong scent that may cause a headache.
  • Clip could move around on a onesie.

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5. California Baby Plant-based Natural Bug Repellant Spray

A premium product for your premium baby, the California Baby Plant-based Natural Bug Repellant Spray is a top notch product for your on-the-go outdoor needs.

Unlike other sprays, this insect repellent is fast absorbing; the top layer of your baby’s skin will be protected from the detrimental likes of mosquitoes, as well as flies and fleas!

 It can be sprayed on their arms, legs, and exposed skin, and makes for a great protector for clothing.

As the name infers, this product is plant-based, and is comprised of all-natural, pure plant-derived oils including cedar, citronella, and lemongrass. It’s cruelty free, and not tested on animals, so guess what? It’s vegan!

It’s been allergy tested, and is gluten-free, soy-free, oat-free, dairy-free and nut-free (except for coconut).With respect to it being organic, it’s guaranteed that the there are no harsh chemicals; so no need to worry about greasy residue from DEET or possible rashes and bumps. 

This product comes in a 6.5 fl oz bottle, which makes the perfect size for traveling as well.


  • 100% organic product.
  • Very safe for babies and toddlers.
  • Effective oil mixtures.


  • Possibly too strong of a scent.
  • Effectiveness fades within an hour.
  • Cost may be too high for quality.

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6. Sky Organics Organic Bug Spray

The Organic Bug Spray by Sky Organics could be an awesome choice to soothe your environmentally conscious. 

It’s made out of USDA ingredients, such as water and oils including soybean, castor, citronella, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, cedarwood and peppermint! This is a quality mix for a quality insect repellent.

The Organic Bug Repellent is lab tested to make sure that it will deter mosquitoes for up to four hours, and can be reapplied after the full cycle of time is completed, or when necessary. And although tested in a lab, no animals were used; therefore, this product is also certified vegan.

It comes in an eco-friendly aluminum bottle that is sturdy, without all of the harmful chemicals that plastic contains.

It’s DEET-free and contains no harmful chemicals, alcohol, dyes, or additives that could disturb your baby’s skin.  In addition to being safe for your baby, you could get in on the action too, considering that it’s also safe for toddlers and adults.


  • Vegan and environmentally friendly.
  • Amazing flavor and scent.
  • Non-greasy residue.
  • Very effective against mosquitoes.


  • Honey bees are attracted to the scent.
  • Effectiveness fades after about an hour.
  • Frequent reapplication.

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7. Lafe’s Baby Organic Insect Repellent

The Baby Organic Insect Repellent made the list because of one interesting fact: it doesn’t contain citronella. 

Why? Because citronella, although a very effective oil, can have a strong scent to it, which could be a potential precursor for giving your baby a slight headache; so this attribute is a novel safety feature.

In addition to this aforementioned characteristic, it does contain an eccentric blend of USDA certified organic essential oils like geranium, lavender, cedarwood, eucalyptus, almond oil and lemon. It’s free of synthetic chemicals, including DEET.

The package design is a small bottle that has to be pressed down in order to spray and release the quality aroma of the repellent, which makes this a great baby-safe packaging feature to protect your baby from attempting to apply it to themselves.

The plastic of the bottle is also baby-safe, and reduces the exposure to harmful chemicals found in most commercial plastic that could disrupt your baby’s internal systems. 

Although it’s a spray, because of the oils that it uses, it even safe for babies with sensitive, as long as you apply it moderately. 


  • Amazing safety features.
  • USDA approved oils.
  • Great scent.
  • Easy to use.


  • Doesn’t last very long after application.
  • Requires frequent application.
  • Effectiveness could be stronger.

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Which Is Best?

Based on the option that are on this list, the top choice in this round-up is the KKPOT Baby Mosquito Bug Repellent. 

It’s effective at keeping mosquitoes away, easy to apply and travel with, and the best feature is that it’s safe for both babies and expecting mothers!

The ingredients are natural, and will satisfy your need to protect your baby.

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