6 Best Mouse Repellents Reviewed for 2021

Mice infestations can be quite destructive (to say the very least), and that’s the last thing all homeowners want to experience in their homes. 

Their strange eating habits usually leave behind a trail of property damage. In addition, they carry bacteria, viruses, and other transmissible diseases.

Fortunately, with mouse repellents, you stand a chance of getting rid of the infestation. In this post, we’ll help you learn more about the best mouse repellent.

Products Reviewed Overview

Pest Soldier, The Original Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, is our number one pick for the best mouse repellent.

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What is Mouse Repellent?

Mouse repellent is anything that deters mice from settling in your home. They’re great alternatives to mouse traps, which can pose risks to your pets and kids. Poisons are also risky to humans.

Some people also avoid using traps and poisons as they see them as an inhumane way of getting rid of mice. As such, repellents make a great alternative since they’re not meant to kill or harm mice.

Repellents work differently. There are some that use smells that are unattractive to rodents, such as mint, wormwood, and eucalyptus. The effectiveness of such repellents depends on the type and intensity of the smell. These options come in different forms, including sprays.

Others use sounds at a register that’s too high for humans to recognize. It’s believed that such sounds make mice uncomfortable, and they’ll, in turn, avoid areas close to the sound. You can place these sound-based repellents strategically in your home for optimal effectiveness.

Repellents are ideal because they’re generally safe to humans and pets. You don’t have to scout your home for dead rats like in the case of using poisons. Also, you’ll never have to deal with dead rodent smells, especially when you can’t locate the dead mouse.

What to Consider Before Buying Mouse Repellent

While repellents can be effective in curbing mice infestations, including the pesky house mouse, there are several considerations you need to take into account while shopping around for one. Ideally, your choice depends on different factors. So, before buying one, take the time to think these points through.

The Pets You Have

Many product advertisements and details say that ultrasonic waves are safe for cats and dogs. That can be true to some extent, but if you have small exotic pets, things might be a little different for them.

Some pets, such as fish, guinea pigs, ferrets, lizards, and birds, can be affected by ultrasonic sounds. In some cases, they can die due to the disturbance, or you might not even know that you’re disturbing them. So, if you want sound-based repellents, consider the types of pets you have and contact the manufacturer to learn more about their impact on small pets.

Type of Repellent

As noted before, there are different types of mouse repellents, and your choice depends on what you feel is best. They include ultrasonic devices, granules, sprays, and pouches.

Ultrasonic devices (electronic repellents) are safer and environmentally-friendly. However, they haven’t been scientifically proven to repel mice permanently. But some people have reported having some sort of success with their use. You’ll need several of them to ensure effectiveness.

Sprays allow you to cover a wide area basically by spraying areas that are attractive to mice. However, compared to concentrates, sprays can have a low concentration of the active ingredient. Also, you’ll need to spray regularly to maintain their efficacy. Peppermint and cinnamon are the common ingredients in sprays.

Diatomaceous earth granules are usually infused with different oils, such as mint, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar, cinnamon, etc. You have to place them strategically in places that mice are likely to infest. Granules can’t stick on surfaces and are less likely to drift.

Pouches, on the other hand, are small sachets fill with the repellent. They work great poorly ventilated spaces, making them effective during the winter season when doors and windows stay mostly closed.

Size of Your Home

If you’re battling a mice infestation problem, the size of your home or target area will determine how fast you can get rid of the problem. It will also determine your choice of mouse repellent.

Sprays can cover a wide area, but you’ll need to spray regularly to maintain their effectiveness. This can prove to be work for those people who want an effortless solution. Ultrasonic devices can be affected by walls and distance, so you might need several for a large area.

Pouches and granules will require you to place several of them in a room. Depending on the efficacy of the brand you opt for, you might need two or three pouches or granular products in a medium-sized room.

Condition of Your Home

It can be pointless to invest in some repellents when you have readied your home for the task. Ideally, before placing repellents in different areas of your home, you might want to take the time to close all access points for mice.

Check the foundation of your house to ensure there are no cracks. Also, check your pipes to identify possible points they could be using to enter your home. You can then place repellents, and once they have left your home, be sure to close every possible point of entry.

You also need to ensure your home is clean. Never leave pet food on the floor, and always ensure food remains are placed in a tightly sealed bag.

Allergy Cases

Are any of your family members allergic to any of the ingredients in repellents? This is particularly crucial when you opt for sprays. Some of the common ingredients you’ll find in sprays include garlic, lemongrass, rosemary, mint, cinnamon, peppermint, and castor oil.

If you have a family member who is allergic to any of the above ingredients, you should avoid sprays that have the ingredient. Or, you should just go with another option all together just to be safe. Some common allergic reactions include sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, and runny nose.

6 Best Mouse Repellent Reviewed

Before opting for any repellent, it helps to learn its details, how it works, and possibly the pros & cons. Doing so will help you determine whether a particular product will work for you. Here are the different products we have reviewed and compared to help you pick the ideal product.

1. Eco Defense Pest Control Pouches

If you want a natural option, then consider the Eco Defense Pest Control Pouches. The box comes with 12 pouches that can last about six months to one year. This repellent is made through a combination of essential oils, including Rosemary, cedar, lemongrass, peppermint, mint, and cinnamon.

One pouch should be placed in space of up to 10 cubic feet to deter mice. You can place it in closets, vehicles, pantries, and any other place. These pouches also repel ants, roaches, snakes, and other pests.


  • Eco-friendly option
  • Pet-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • A nice scent


  • Might fail to deter mice
  • They are much smaller than expected

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2. MDX Concepts Organic Mice Repellent Peppermint Oil Spray

Those considering sprays should try using the MDX Concepts Organic Mice Repellent Peppermint Oil Spray. This repellent is designed to deter all types of mice, including deer, country, field, and house mice.

It uses 100% all-natural ingredients, including organic food-grade vinegar and essential oils, and it works great both indoors and outdoors. You can use this repellent in the arctic, kitchen, closet, basement, and other areas. It’s also safe for the environment, and it doesn’t poison pets and kids.


  • Environmental safe
  • Safe to kids and pets
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money


  • Might fail to work in some cases
  • No spray attachment
  • Unpleasant smell

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3. Neatmaster Dual Microchip Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

For an electric repellent, you should consider the Neatmaster Dual Microchip Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. It works by emitting VARIABLE high-frequency ultrasound that repels mice. It can also repel mosquitoes, roaches, bed bugs, and other pests.

You can use it any room in your house. Just plug it into the power socket, and pick one of the three modes it offers: Green, Blue, and Red modes. The Red mode is for severe pest infestation and it’s recommended for a mice problem. However, in Red mode, both pets and humans can hear the sound.


  • Chemical-free
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic and non-radiative


  • Sound is audible when in Red mode
  • Not safe for pets
  • Might not deter mice in some cases

4. Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is another electric option you might want to consider. It comes in a pack of six devices, and the manufacturer says it can repel mice from your home in four weeks. It should be installed about 7-16 inches away from the floor to work effectively.

In addition to repelling mice, this repellent can also deter mosquitoes and roaches. You can place in any room in your home, but keep in mind that it’s effective up to 800- 1,200 Sq. Ft. One device is recommended for one room. However, in large storage rooms, you should use several.


  • Chemical-free
  • Odor-less
  • Non-radiative and non-toxic
  • Easy-to-use


  • Might not repel mice effectively
  • Some devices might stop working

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5. PEST SOLDIER The Original Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

PEST SOLDIER The Original Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is also another electric repellent. It works by using ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to drive away mice and other pests, such as bugs, spiders, rats, crickets, fruit flies, among others.

The ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and household pets, so the device is safe for kids and furry friends. The devices work effectively in any standard-sized rooms, such as the garage, kitchen, attics, basements, and others. They cover an area of up to 1600 sq. ft.

Be sure to install it vertically, and it should be about 7-31 inches away from the floor. There should be no barriers in front of the device.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use and install
  • Environmental friendly


  • Doesn’t work effectively for mice
  • You need more if you have many rooms

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6. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

If you want a repellent that deters mice and other pests before they invade your home, then the Orbit Yard Enforcer (TM) Motion-Activated Sprinkler might be the ideal option for you. Unlike most repellents, this one uses water to deter mice and other animals without hurting them.

You simply need to press the spike into the soil to install. In the full-circle mode, this system can cover up to 3,840 square feet. This motion-activated sprinkler uses four alkaline batteries to work, and it boasts sensing technology, which means it only sprinkles water when it detects mice or pests.

The technology also knows the difference between plants and animals, so it can sprinkle water aimlessly. It can detect mice and animals up to 40 feet away. You can also connect additional sprinklers to expand the spray zone.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Harmless to people and pets
  • Easy to install
  • Uses less water


  • Detection doesn’t work effectively in bushy areas
  • No parts available
  • Rain or moving leaves can easily set it off

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Which Is Best?

If you’re looking for the ideal mouse repellent, it helps to invest time in shopping for one. Reading product details and reviews is the best way to find a product that will work for you. Also, look at the product ratings can give you a clear idea about its efficacy.

Pest Soldier, The Original Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, is our number one pick for best mouse repellent. With the Pest Soldier Repeller, you won’t see the results immediately, but it eventually works in about 3 to 4 weeks.

In addition to ultrasonic sounds, it also uses electromagnetic waves to repel mice. The pack comes with four devices to cover several rooms in your home.

This repellent is also safe for kids and pets, making a perfect option for your home. Still, you have the option of comparing it to other mouse repellents to find the right product for your situation. In addition to using repellents, be sure to keep your home clean to prevent future infestations.

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