5 Best Mouse Traps in 2021 Reviewed

The best mouse traps are hard to pinpoint, with so many great designs available to choose from. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of researching and reviewing all the best mouse traps for you.

Quick view: Top Pick – Authenzo Mouse Trap

The Authenzo Mouse Trap is our pick for the best mouse trap/

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What Are Mouse Traps?

For those who’ve had the pleasure of never having handled a mouse trap, a mouse trap is a special sort of trap originally designed specifically to do one thing; kill mice. Nowadays, mouse traps are engineered to catch and kill as well as catch and release. 

Most of the time, mouse traps are set-up inside the home, or other locations (such as brick-and-mortar businesses), where infestations of rodents exist. Despite the name, mouse traps are designed for larger rodents such as rats and squirrels as well. That said, larger traps are harder to hide and become potentially dangerous for pets and small children.

The first mentions of mouse traps were made as early as 1554 in the novel Lazarillo de Tormes as well as in 1602 with act three, scene two, of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. So, mouse traps are no new invention. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “build a better mouse trap” once or twice? The reason being, the invention has been around in one form or another for over 500 years. Furthermore, from an entrepreneurial standpoint, all one needs do is engineer a better mouse trap, to be successful and well-paid, rather than come up with a brand new invention.

What to Consider Before Buying a Mouse Trap

Chances are if you’re in the market for the best mouse traps, you probably have a problem with rodents. Depending on your various circumstances, there are several important factors to take into consideration before deciding on and purchasing the best mouse traps for you and your household.

How Quickly Does the Trap Kill Mice?

One of the most important factors to think about before investing in a particular mouse trap is how quickly it kills the mice. Some traps kill the rodents instantly by snapping their necks, while others, such as glue traps, may take hours for the mice to die (meaning they might be alive when you check the traps). 

Further, you may even prefer a trap that doesn’t kill, but rather allows you to release the rodents elsewhere (or perhaps feed them to your pet snake!).

What Type of Bait Do the Mouse Traps Use?

Depending on the type of trap, and the brand, they may come with their own chunks, bars, or bits of poison bait. Others, such as the classic metal mouse traps (the ones the bad guys in cartoons always seem to get their fingers stuck in somehow) require you to add your own bait.

For traps that need to be baited, consider the following types of bait from your own kitchen:

  • Seeds (the natural food of mice)
  • Peanut butter
  • Cheese
  • Instant-potato flakes
  • Left-overs that are sweet or fatty

How Easy Is It to Dispose of Dead Mice?

Another of the most important, if not the most crucial, aspect to consider before picking out a mouse trap is how easy it is to dispose of the dead mice once their captured and/or killed. With the wide-range of mouse traps available on the market, the ease of disposal factor varies greatly.

For example, traps such as the original wooden and metal ones, require the mechanism trapping the mice to be manually lifted before the mouse can be removed from the trap (often with blood and guts involved). Other, more tidy and even humane traps offer quicker, easier, and cleaner disposal methods. Some traps are designed for releasing the rodent into the wild, others simply require squeezing the sides of the trap which in turn releases the dead mouse.

The Cost and Maintenance Expenses

Some traps come with their own bait, others don’t. Purchasing peanut butter, cheese, or mouse bait, to keep the traps stocked with bait, won’t be free (albeit it won’t be very expensive either). This is one of the most basic examples of the maintenance expenses that come with certain types of mouse traps. The initial cost of the mouse trap, of course, is a consideration to make as well. 

5 Best Mouse Trap Reviews

We took out our magnifying glasses to several mouse traps available online and selected only the best to review. We based our decisions on customer reviews, ratings, product descriptions from retailers and manufacturers and our own experience with mouse traps.

Here are our picks for the current 5 best mouse traps:

1. Authenzo Mouse Trap (Top Pick)

The Authenzo Mouse Trap is on the top of our list for many reasons. The trap is reusable, safe to have around kids and pets, and most of all is proven efficient.

The Authenzo Mouse Trap has an extra sensitive mechanism, only 15 grams sets the trap off. Furthermore, the safe design of the trap could help reduce finger-injuries so common with traditional mouse traps. And, the best of all, you never have to physically touch or otherwise contact the dead mice.All you have to do is squeeze the sides of the trap, which opens the mechanism locking the mouse in place.

If the information above isn’t impressive enough, the trap’s manufacturer is so sure of its quality that they offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction (lifetime) guarantee. If the trap isn’t up to your expectations, or you run into any issues with the trap at all, you can get a full refund.


  • Safe and hygienic design
  • A lifetime guarantee or a full refund
  • Easy to use
  • Tried and true, fast and efficient


  • Requires baiting
  • old-fashioned design
  • May cause some mess

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2. Trapper Max Glue Traps

When it comes to the best glue mouse traps, the non-toxic Trapper Max Glue Traps are among the best. If you also have issues with cockroaches or other insects, in addition to rodents, these traps are probably your best bet.

The Trapper Max Glue Traps measures 5.25 by 7.75 inches, with a glue-covered surface of precisely 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Not only will these traps lie flat, in corners and near rodent entry-holes, but they can be folded to fit add angles and tight places other traps simply can not go – making them one of the most versatile mouse traps on the market.


  • Comes with 12 traps
  • Scented like peanut butter
  • Large 4.5-inch by 6.5-inch trap surface
  • Fits in hard to reach places


  • Sometimes rodents survive the trap and get away
  • You will catch a lot of cockroaches and silverfish
  • Sometimes the rodent may get 
  • Can take several hours to kill rodents in some cases

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3. Victor “Original” Mouse Trap

The original Mouse Trap by Victor, is a classic wood and metal snap-trap design. If you’re looking for a great basic mouse trap, the Victor Mouse Trap is one of the best currently available. 

These old-fashioned traps are non-toxic, using no poison or chemicals, therefore safe to use around children and pets. The package includes 12 of these reusable and disposable mouse traps, making them an excellent solution for quickly handling a rodent infestation.

What else is there to say about the Victor Mouse Trap? These original mouse traps are what they are; an old-fashioned but proven and reliable method for killing mice. And, furthermore, many people swear by them.


  • Classic design
  • Quick and effortless to set up and use
  • Comes with a full dozen traps
  • Non-toxic


  • Oldfashioned designed
  • May need replaced after killing numerous rodents
  • Create messy rodent kills
  • Requires some upkeep

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4. Authenzo Smart No Kill Mouse Trap

The second Authenzo product to make it onto our list is their Smart No Kill Mouse Trap. The polar opposite of most mouse traps on our list, the Authenzo Smart No Kill Mouse Trap, just as its name suggests, doesn’t actually kill mice; it simply captures them.

If you’re against killing mice, then whatever you decide to do with the rodents after you catch them with these traps is totally up to you. You can take them out into the wilderness and set them free, or possibly, even feed them to your nephew’s pet snake.

At any rate, this is one of the most humane traps on the market. It’s safe, prove, and easy to use. Furthermore, for those who care about the well-being of the rodents that are being captured, these traps are absolutely non-toxic. So, not only will they not harm their captives, the traps are completely safe to use around your pets and children.


  • New upgraded version, more durable than before
  • Trap includes air holes for the rodent
  • Allows you to release rodents wherever you please
  • Easy to use, clean, and works over and over


  • Does not kill the rodents
  • May take a long to solve rodent overpopulation issues
  • Requires bait to entice rodents to enter the trap, and to keep them alive until release
  • Over-all design is a bit clunky and could use more air-holes

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5. Famiry Small Mouse Traps

Small Mouse Traps by Famiry are the final item on our list of the best mouse traps in that you should consider buying. If you’re dealing with a new infestation or a breed of rodents that are particularly small in size, there are few better traps available to solve your issue adequately.

The Famiry Small Mouse Traps are completely safe and non-lethal, so they are perfectly fine to use indoors near your family and pets. They come with an easy to use and removable bait-cup, making their maintenance fast and breezy.

One of our favorite things about these particular mouse traps in comparison to many of the products on the market right now is the fact that they’re actually washable. This is a huge benefit, eliminating bacteria, smells, nasty stains and more.


  • Easy to clean and use, takes no time to bait
  • Extra sensitive mechanism triggers on even the smallest and lightest weighing rodents
  • Come with removable cups for bait and a rubberized bottom that helps the traps stick to surfaces and prevent flipping when they’re triggered by rodents
  • Have a lifetime warranty that allows you a complete and full refund if the traps don’t solve your rodent issue


  • Requires frequent baiting if your rodent issue is significant
  • The super-sensitive trigger may be triggered by hard vibrations like slamming doors or stomping feet nearby
  • Does not work well for larger rodents such as rats, the framework is meant for smaller animals

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Which Is Best?

The bottom line? The Authenzo Mouse Trap is our pick for the best mouse trap. They are as safe and humane as any traps on the market, are easy to use, and are a tried and true trap, plain and simple. Furthermore, many people recommend this trap than other brands.

On the other hand, for those who prefer a trap that doesn’t harm the rodents it catches, the Smart No Kill Trap (also by Authenzo) is one of the best options available. The trap is easy to use, allows you to easily catch and relocate rodents, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

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