Top 7 Best Rat Bait Stations Reviewed 2021

You probably know as well as I do that getting rid of rats is a task easier said than done – their capabilities certainly work in their favor most of the time, and the result is our suffering.

However, your never-ending search for a solution to seamlessly get rid of a rat infestation ends here. In this article, we’ll review the best rat bait stations you could find on the market.

TLDR Top Pick

Without thinking, the Protecta LP Rat Bait Station is inevitably the best rat bait station you could get your hands on – its low profile and triangle shape provide unmatchable versatility and effectiveness in helping you wave goodbye to rats’ infestations!

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Best Rat Bait Stations Reviewed

1. Protecta LP Rat Bait Station (Best Pick)

Have you ever wondered what type of bait pest control professionals use? Well, let us tell you that 90% of the time, it’s actually this specific Protecta LP Rat Bait Station. And upon trying it ourselves, we can definitely see why – it’s seamless, user-friendly, offers guaranteed results, and is durable.

Coming in a triangular-shaped design, the Protecta LP Rat Bait Station is empowered to fit in the narrowest of places, just like rats manage to do. So, whether it’s a corner, along walls, under pallets, or other narrowly tight locations, this rat bait station will make its way through and manages to have its opening up against the direction where rats prefer to be.

In terms of closure, the Protecta LP Rat Bait Station automatically locks itself when it’s closed and employs a 2-prong key for you to open it. With the package, you get one Protecta key, and you can buy more if you need them later. However, you don’t get the bait.

When the bait station captures a rat, don’t worry about the cleaning process being a hassle. Impressively, the station boasts a one-piece liner that makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning and re-baiting – it’s super easy to clean!


  • Tamper and UV-resistant
  • Includes metal rods for mounting bait blocks inside
  • Versatile triangle shape empowers the station to fit in tight corners
  • Automatically locks when closed


  • Comes with only one key
  • Doesn’t hold a lot of bait
  • The lid hinge is fragile

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2. Kat Sense Rat Bait Station

The issue with most rat bait stations is their accessibility to children and other pets, like cats and dogs, who aren’t by any means the target. Because this issue is so prevalent, Kat Sense decided to end it once and for all through its Kat Sense Rat Bait Station with pet-proof baffles.

These pet-proof baffles are what make the bait inaccessible to children and pets since it features metal bait bars that secure the mouse poison robustly so that it can’t be shaken loose at all. Moreover, it boasts 2.22″ entry holes that hinder your pets from being able to access the bait and get poisoned.

Coming in a set of 2 and made of solid polypropylene, the Kat Sense Rat Bait Stations are tamper-resistant and manage to eradicate rats and mice without causing you an entire mess in your house. 

Not to mention, they’re incredibly durable and can handle different weather and temperature conditions without collecting moisture or dirt – or even cracking or breaking, thanks to the double-key locking lids.

Lastly, the stations come with mounting brackets to prevent the stations from being dragged away.


  • Reusable and hence, cost-effective
  • Super easy to set
  • Don’t retain foul odors of mice or rats
  • Pet-proof baffles make the stations inaccessible by pets or children


  • Cleaning the stations isn’t the easiest process
  • Chances of its effectiveness are higher if you set multiple stations
  • The latch mechanism wears out over time 
  • Rats are sometimes able to escape the stations if they’re small

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3. Tomcat Bait Station

Looking for a compact rat bait station yet offers multiple configurations? It sounds like you’re referring to the Tomcat Bait Station offering you an exceedingly secure compact design that happens to be highly effective whether it’s placed vertically or horizontally!

The Tomcat Bait Station features a robust, high-quality design that’s also lockable and tamper-resistant, all while being super compact and occupying just an 8.5″ x 7″ footprint. Despite its compact size, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to holding bait and traps. It can hold two baits per rod or two snap traps along with a rat snap trap.

As for functionality, you can use the Tomcat Bait Station even in the tightest areas, like against walls or on building edges. And the best part is that whether you want to install it vertically or horizontally, the results are equally amazing – from small mice up to monster rats, the bait station will put them to rest!

This station is also relatively inaccessible compared to other bait stations, so you could rest assured that it’s a secure option if you have children, pets, or livestock around that you’re worried about. Meanwhile, while also protecting your cherished family members and pets, the station protects the bait itself from the elements in the process. 


  • Rats won’t be able to carry the bait away as the station is sheltered
  • Fast results
  • Securely locked, preventing children and pets from accessing it
  • Large capacity to handle a lot of bait


  • Not easy to clean
  • Causes a mess when rats die
  • Lacks a window to check how much poison has been eaten

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4. Tomcat Rat and Mouse Killer Child and Dog Resistant

Similar to the Tomcat Bait Station, this Tomcat Rat and Mouse bait station is specially tailored to be child and dog-resistant to ensure their maximum protection while performing efficiently as ever. In fact, each bait block in this station kills up to three rats based on no-choice lab testing, so it’s a perfect pick for rat infestations.

This bait station is both weather and tamper-proof, so you’ll be able to use it both indoors and outdoors depending on your preference and based on where the rats are residing (be it in your living room or your outdoor yard.)

While the see-through window was lacking in the previous model, and you couldn’t trace how much of the poison was eaten, this bait station features a convenient window and enables you to monitor your bait seamlessly. That way, you’ll refill it as often as you need and at the right time.

What’s quite unique about this bait station, in particular, is that it’s exceedingly easy to use. Not only is putting the bait itself easy but also placing the station too; you’ll have the freedom to place it wherever you want since it’s pretty compact. Anywhere that rats love to hide, you’ll be able to place the station in that very place!


  • Super user-friendly – easy to open, and the bait is easy to insert
  • Takes up to two bait chunks at a time
  • Weather and tamper-proof, making it ideal for both indoors and outdoors
  • Refillable 


  • The poison that comes with the station isn’t effective for all rats
  • The station’s design doesn’t quite attract rats to enter
  • The process can get messy

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5. JT Eaton 902R Top Loader Bait Station

If you’re struggling with stubborn roof rats or rats that seem to have magical climbing capabilities, you certainly need to consider the JT Eaton 902R Top Loader bait station. This one is actually made with roof rats in mind – those who manage to make their way on fence posts and tree limbs and eventually, into your house. 

Coming in a unique design that almost resembles a gun, hence the “loader” in its name, this bait station can be adequately installed in all areas that can be hard to reach, like trees, structural beams, fences, ledges, and similar areas. 

Moreover, to eliminate any risks of rats not being able to enter the station, it features dual-entry holes that allow the rats to enter from any side they want to. Its design also makes putting in the bait very hassle-free and easy, but it doesn’t come with the bait itself.

A distinct feature of this station is that it includes a gravity-fed tube that holds several bait blocks simultaneously, enabling it to provide fresh bait minute by minute to the rats feeding on it. Its construction overall is quite impressive; despite that it’s made of ABS plastic, it’s still very rugged.

P.S.: You could use this bait station for almost any type of rodents, not just roof rats.


  • Versatile construction that allows it to be mounted almost anywhere
  • Tubular shape provides entry holes for rats on both sides 
  • A secure lid centers the rats in the middle of the bait station
  • Ideal for climbing roof rats


  • Retaining washer quality is subpar
  • Rats are sometimes able to push the bait off the hook without entering
  • Doesn’t work well with chipmunks
  • Not dog-friendly

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6. Rat Bait Stations by Eco Pro

Not really liking the construction of most rat bait stations you come across and looking for an actual high-quality one that’s not destined to break? Your search ends here with the Rat Bait Stations by Eco Pro. While still made out of plastic, you’ll sense the quality from how sturdy and tough they feel, and they’re certainly made of heavy-duty plastic that’s made to last.

By “they,” we’re referring to the two stations that come included in the package to allow you to cover a larger area and control your infestations easily.

Their robust construction allows them to be all-weather stations that can be used both indoors and outdoors and all year long. So, whenever the rats decide to make an entrance, the Eco Pro Bait Stations will be there to welcome them. 

Moreover, the stations boast 2 locking mechanisms in case you have kids or pets around, and they’re also tamper-resistant. They actually require a key to open them, let alone expose the bait. So, yes, the rats can easily access the stations, but your little one’s hands won’t.

Since we’ve all suffered from cleaning rat bait stations after the rats are dead, let me assure you that these are very easy to clean – you won’t face any messiness or get disgusted. By the same token, inserting the bait is equally easy; you just use the key that comes with them to open the station and either replace baits or insert new ones altogether.


  • Can be attached to structures and surfaces
  • Comes with two rat and mouse bait stations
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Completely children and pet-safe


  • Hinges can be rather fragile
  • The wire holding the bait can get loose easily
  • The key can be tough to use for some

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7. 6 Protecta Sidekick Tamper Proof Rat

Well, what if you want the best of all what we’ve mentioned in the rest of the products? That would be the 6 Protecta Sidekick Tamper Proof Rat stations that work as a 2-in-1 bait and monitoring station.

These stations feature vertical bait securing rods and lock automatically once the bait is inside and the station is closed. Yet, at the same time, they’re effortless to handle since they open to the side for convenient insertion of the baits in no time. Not to mention, the stations’ size is super convenient and can fit into the tightest locations you could think of.

On the note of security, the stations are pet-safe, tamper-resistant, and impact-resistant, but it’s still recommended that the bait should be placed out of reach of children and pets altogether.

Oh, and when it comes to cleaning, it features uniquely rounded interior corners that make cleaning the stations a breeze! 

Do you tend to forget where you placed your service card? No worries – these stations come with built-in card slots that hold the card safe at all times. Also, each order comes with one Protecta 2-prong key along with four vertical bait securing rods.


  • 2-in-1 bait and monitoring station
  • Lid opens to the side for fast servicing
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Built-in card slots


  • Locking mechanism can be frustrating to crack
  • Become moist in the rain
  • Only comes with one key for the six stations

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Top Pick

It’s no doubt that rats, or rodents in general, are a nuisance to have roaming around. While we’re all aware that it’s imperative to take action once an infestation is noticed, unfortunately, many ineffective methods and even rat bait stations are lying around on the market. 

We hope that our review of the best bat stations has come in handy to help you narrow down your options.

When all is said and done, our top pick would be the Protecta LP Rat Bait Station. This is one that has cemented its position time and time again as a comprehensive rat bait station that’s versatile enough to cope with everything rats have to present. After all, it’s used by the pros for a reason.

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What Are Rat Bait Stations?

As their name implies, rat bait stations are sort of devices or boxes with holes that are meant to securely hold bait blocks that look and smell like rat or mice food but, in reality, contain poison.

How Do Rat Bait Stations Work?

Basically, when rats or mice are searching for food, they’ll come across the bait station, which is usually appealing in nature to attract them. They then crawl into the station and feed on the bait. Then, one of two options happens: either they’re able to crawl out in a couple of days, or they’re automatically locked inside by the station and die there.

Rat bait stations usually include active ingredients that lead this cycle to occur. The most common is bromadiolone, a rodenticide that can be lethal if fed just one for a day by rats. In essence, bromadiolone prevents blood from clotting by reducing vitamin K in the body, resulting in rats’ increased bleeding and, eventually, death. 

Other active ingredients used in rat bait stations include calcium releasers (like cholecalciferol), acute toxins, anticoagulants of the likes of bromadiolone, and zinc, calcium, and aluminum phosphides. 

It’s also worth noting that many acute toxins have actually been banned due to the elevated levels of accidental poisoning rates resulting from their increased usage for killing rats.

The active ingredients can come in different shapes and forms, including treated grains or seeds, rat poison pellets, or powders to mix with water or paraffin blocks. Usually, they’re found in the form of an odorless white to yellow powder.

How to Use a Rat Bait Station?

Usually, you simply follow the instructions on the package itself. However, the rule is to place the station in the area where you’ve found signs of mice or rats presence and place it in a way so that its entryway is facing out from the area (wall or corner, for example.) If your station doesn’t come with the bait, you’ll have to insert the bait yourself.

Are Rat Bait Stations Safe for Pets and Children?

Yes! Most rat bait stations are safe for pets and children since they’re resistant to tampering by small hands and paws. You can place them anywhere and not worry about your pet or child coming in contact with the poison.

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