6 Best Rat Baits Reviewed For 2021

A serious rat infestation calls for the best rat baits and nothing less.

Choosing one, however, isn’t always so simple.

But, selecting and purchasing the best product for your rat situation isn’t so challenging with the right information.

In this guide, I’ve compared and reviewed the top choices so you can get the best rat bait to handle your rat problem fast and efficiently.

Quickview: Top Pick – Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail

After checking out the top choices, Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail is the best rat bait.

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6 Best Rat Bait Reviewed

Based on product descriptions from manufacturers and retailers, customer reviews, product ratings, and more, we sifted through dozens of rat baits to bring you a list of nothing but the best.

Here’s our picks for the six best rat baits to invest in for your home or business:

1. Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail (Best Overall)

From one of the most impressive rat bait manufacturers in the world, the Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail is one of the most efficient products available. Four pounds of bromethalin-based bait (a powerful acute toxin) comes in the pail, more than enough to deal with small to medium sized rodent infestations.

One of the best features about this particular product is that rodents stop feeding after one ingestion. That means less bait goes further, dealing with your rodent problem without additional purchases necessary.


  • Four pounds of bait
  • Powerful acute toxin bromethalin
  • For use inside and outside
  • Stops rodents from continuing to feed after ingestion


  • Could come with a larger amount of bait
  • Contains a dangerous acute toxin
  • May take longer than advertised to kill rodents

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2. Eaton Anticoagulant Block Bait

Eaton’s Anticoagulant rat bait block is another great solution for rodent infestations in the home or business. With a special peanut butter scent and flavor, rats are hard pressed to ignore this bait. The main ingredient is diphacinone.

The pail is tamper resistant, so there are no worries about pets or small children accidentally getting into it. Eaton’s rat bait also comes with a limited one-year warranty.


  • One of the highest-rated rat baits
  • Active ingredient of diphacinone
  • Tamper resistant pailIncluded a one-year warranty


  • Could include a more significant amount of bait
  • May allow rodents to die in hard to reach places

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3. Contrac Rodenticide Rodent Control

Made with a blend of high-grade food-ingredients, palatable paraffin, and rodenticide agents, Contrac Rodenticide Rodent Control is an excellent option for DIY pest control. This rat bait takes only a single feeding to start working against the rodent population. Even more impressive, the bait is extra safe around pets and children as it works well with tamper proof bait stations and comes with an antidote (Vitamin K1) that is easy to find.   


  • Contains a blend of food-grade ingredients
  • Active ingredient of bromadiolone
  • Less toxic than many of the best rat baits
  • Intended for use with a tamper resistant bait station


  • Uses expensive ingredients
  • So dangerous that it requires an antidote
  • May allow rodents to escape into walls or outside before dying

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4. Just One Bite II Chunks

A product that might not have been around when you were born, Just One Bite II Chunks, are quickly becoming a go-to product in the DIY pest control category. Within one feeding, rats, mice, and other common rodents are already doomed. This particular version of the product is made for use around and inside buildings. Also, it is pretty strong, and needs to be used with caution around children and pets. 


  • Single-feed product
  • Comes with eight pounds of bait
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Comes in large chunks that can break down


  • Somewhat dangerous to use around kids or pets
  • Bait could come in less-bulky chunks
  • May allow rodents to escape and infect local wildlife before dying

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5. Ramik Diphacinone Rat Bait

The Ramik Diphacinone is another highly-rated and recommended product among the best rat baits. Compared to some of the products on our list, Ramik’s bait takes a bit longer to start killing rodents. That said, it is just as lethal (as a first generation anticoagulant) as the acute toxins and other poisons that kill rats quicker. Furthermore, these half-inch baits are highly tasty to rodents and weather-resistant as well.


  • Contains diphacinone (first gen anticoagulant)
  • Weather resistant and wax-free
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Works in almost any environment


  • Takes up to five days to kill
  • Allows rodents to retreat into walls and hard to reach places
  • Weaker type of poison than other products

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6. Fasttrac Rodenticide Blox

Fasttrac’s Rodenticide Blox contain bromethalin, an active acute toxin ingredient. The package comes with 128 15-gram blocks that measure 1.75-inches tall and wide. These blocks come with nibble ridges that encourage rodents to chew them and can be further broken-down into smaller pieces if desired. The bait is a single-feed type, affecting rodents after one ingestion. Furthermore, it works in all environments, from the driest to wettest, all-year round. 


  • Includes 128 bait blocks
  • Single-feed product
  • Small and all-weather bait
  • Less harmful to non-target wildlife


  • Only contains four pounds
  • Not for sale in certain states
  • May allow rodents to infect local wildlife before dying

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Which Rat Bait Is Best?

After checking out the top choices, Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail is the best rat bait.

The powerful bromethalin rat poison in the bait works quickly and efficiently, it can be used inside and outside, kills all manners of rodents, and takes less bait to kill rats and control larger rodent infestations than other products.

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What Are Rat Baits

Rat baits are necessary to deal with existing rat infestations as well as to prevent such a situation from happening in the first place. These baits typically consist of ingredients that mimic the scents and flavors of real human food. They also contain lethal poisons of various sorts.

Some rat baits require bait stations, while others can simply be scattered or placed in hard to reach places and highly frequented areas by rats. It is also common to use rat bait products in combination with rodent traps as well.

At any rate, each type of rat bait works in a similar way but takes varying amounts of time to affect the rodents after ingestions. Many baits kill rodents in as little as one day, whereas most baits typically take anywhere from two or three days to as much as a week.

What to Consider Before Buying Rat Baits

Before any significant purchase, it’s crucial to first gather enough essential information to make a well-informed buying decision. That said, we’ve gathered a few of the most important factors to consider before selecting the best rat bait products for you.

Compatibility With Other Bait Stations

Some rat baits are designed with bait station compatibility in mind, others… not so much. Many baits come in chunks that can be broken-down and shaped to fit bait stations regardless if they’re manufactured for compatibility with bait stations or not. That said, a large number of baits are made with circles or indents in them that help lock them in place in certain bait stations (usually of the same brand).

Lifespan of Bait

Another significant aspect that’s easy to overlook is the lifespan of the bait. Not necessarily the lifespan of the poison (which probably lasts for a very long time) but more so of the other ingredients. The length of time which the scent and flavor last are crucial, as they are two of the most important features of the best rat baits. 

Type of Poison Used in Bait

There are several types of poison used in the best rat baits. However, for the most part, there are three types of poison which are used more often than others; anticoagulants, calcium releasers, and acute toxins. 

Each poison works in a similar fashion: the rat ingests bait, the poison takes effect, and then the rat dies from internal bleeding or another lethal effect from the poison. It is also important to mention that acute toxins are considered the least safe of the three main types of poison found in the best rat baits.

Price of Bait

As with most purchases, the price is just as important of a factor as any. Once you’ve narrowed down the selection of rat baits that best suit your needs, compare prices to the benefits and drawbacks of each product before making a final purchasing decision.