Does Home Defense Kill Roaches (3 Surprising Ways)

For me, home defenses are a lifesaver when it comes to roaches. I’ve been using ortho home defense for over 5 months now and it does come in handy in most situations. 

So, does home defense kill roaches?

Yes, the home defense kills roaches. You can use the Ortho Home Defense Ant, Roach, and Spider Killer2 to kill them on sight. Or you can use the Ortho Home Defense Roach Bait station to poison the roach colony around your home.

Also, you can create a barrier around your house to protect against roaches using Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer For Indoor & Perimeter2. These are all effective against American or German roaches. 

So, follow the article as I’ll lay down the details for killing the roaches using home defense.

3 Ways to Kill Roaches With Home Defense Products

When it comes to cockroaches, you should take action as soon as you see them. Because they populate at a faster rate. So, here I will lay down some home defense types that can kill roaches using different methods:

Way 1: To Kill Roaches On Sight/Instantly

The most effective method of eliminating roaches is to kill them on sight. If you let it get away you’ll see an increased number of roaches in the days to come. 

To kill the roaches on sight or instantly, use the Ortho Home Defense Ant, Roach, & Spider Killer2. Try to spray this Home Defense product directly on the roaches.

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I know it’s hard to follow the roaches, but you can do this by slowly following the roach without alerting it.  

Way 2: To Poison The Roach Colony

You can use baits to poison the roach colony around your house. As roaches multiply in numbers quickly, it’s a good idea to eliminate the whole colony. 

To poison the roach colony, use the Ortho Home Defense Roach Bait station. Put the bait every 6 feet apart and where there is increased roach activity. Usually, roaches are most active around the kitchen and bathrooms.

To Poison The Roach Colony


Do not apply spray while you palace the bait. The roaches will need to take the bait, share it with the colony, and thus killing the adults, nymphs, and eggs. This is a slow but very effective way to kill the roaches once and for all.  

You can compare between ortho home defense vs home defense max for your preferred product to get rid of the roaches. Both are effective against roaches.

Way 3: To Create A Barrier Against Roaches

The most effective way to protect your home against roaches is to create a bug barrier that will last longer than any product. To create this bug barrier, use the Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2.

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Spray a wide band of the product along the doors, baseboards, windows, and around the perimeter of your house. This will protect your house perimeter for 12 months with no odor and a fast-drying formula.  

How Effective Is The Home Defense Against Roaches?

Usually, the Ortho Home Defense is very much effective against both German & American roaches around your house. It showed good results when I used it around my house. 

Here I will show you how effective the Home Defense is against the roaches. 

German roaches are like common roaches but come in a small size while American roaches are the biggest. The German roaches populate at a faster rate as a female German roach lays down 40 eggs at a time.

german vs american cockroaches


German roaches are mostly scavengers, so they’ll eat about anything and will look for a warm place to infest. On the other hand, American Roaches will eat meats, grease, paper, sweets, leather, etc.  

If you use the Ortho Home Defense Ant, Roach, & Spider Killer2 spray, it will kill them on sight. Now, if you bait them using the Ortho Home Defense Roach Bait station, the place will be protected for 6 months straight. 

If you use the Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer For Indoor And Perimeter2, it’ll give you 12 months of protection against roaches. This bug barrier is an effective product you can use for long-term protection against any roaches. 

How to Keep Roaches from Entering Your Home?

There are several actions you can take to keep roaches from entering your home. Let’s see what are those:

  • Eliminate food sources for roaches. Keep your foods in a refrigerator or airtight container. Clean up after every meal, wipe all the crumbs, and take out the garbage. 
  • Take away any entry points for roaches. Seal the cracks and holes around cupboards, baseboards, walls, doors, pipes, sinks, etc.  
  • Remove any water supply entry points for roaches. Fix broken faucets and sinks to reduce condensation.

Make sure to read the instruction manual before using any of the Home Defense products discussed above. Now, if your Ortho Home Defense Spray not working, try to contact customer support for help.  


Can You Ever Fully Get Rid of Roaches?

Although it’s possible to get rid of the roaches in your home with the right treatment. But it will not solve the roach problem permanently. You need to continuously be cautious about roaches. 

What Smells Keep Roaches Away?

The smell of peppermint oil, cypress oil, and cedarwood oil keeps the roaches away from your home. Also, roaches hate the smell of coffee and crushed bay leaves. Boric acid and powdered sugar combined can also keep roaches at bay.  

Do Roaches Hate Bleach?

While bleach is not effective to kill roaches, they are effective as a roach repellent. But you need to be cautious when using them as they are toxic and damage anything it touches. 


So now you know does home defense kill roaches? 

Make sure to apply the products when you made up your mind about the methods. Do not apply two methods at once as it will not work. Also, do read the instructions carefully before proceeding.