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Why would anyone in their right mind go looking for the poop? Although, looking for bed bug poop could be useful. Finding bed bug poop

Do Bed Bugs Jump?

Although a lot of people think bedbugs must be leapers because they are so good at getting from bed to bed. People have come with

Bed Bugs: What Are Bed Bugs?

Belonging to the order hemiptera or true bugs, bed bugs are household vampires that feast on blood. They undergo a slow metamorphosis through a 5-stage

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lIf you’re unlucky enough to encounter these little pests in your vehicle, learning how to identify and remove bed bugs from your car isn’t an

6 Different Types of Bed Bugs

Imagine this: You wake in the dead of night feeling itchy and there’s a musty odor stuck in your nostrils and lingering as bad taste