Ortho Home Defense Spray Not Working (3 Solutions)

I’ve been using Ortho home defense for a year now. Although it worked fine, still I’ve encountered some problems with it as I’m sure you did too.

So, why is Ortho home defense spray not working?

There’s a high chance that one or multiple batteries inside the wand are dead or don’t have sufficient charge. Usually, the wand holds three batteries and if one of them doesn’t have enough charge, replace it.

Now, if the spray wand isn’t working, see if it’s clogged or dirty and clean it. If cleaning doesn’t fix the issue, replace the wand with a new one.

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So, follow the article as I’ll show you why the spray isn’t working and how to fix it.

Ortho Home Defense Spray

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Ortho Home Defense Spray is Not Working: Quick Overview

Symptoms Reason Solution
The spray is not working at all The battery is dead or inserted incorrectly Check the battery for proper insertion.

For dead batteries, replace them with new batteries.

Battery ok and the pump is priming, but the spray is not working Dirty or clogged wand Clean the wand with a wire brush or toothpick.
Wand is clean and pump is priming, but spray is not working Faulty or defective wand Call Ortho customer service for a replacement.
Wand is ok, but spray isn’t working Problem with the hose and fittings Check if the hose and fitting are properly inserted into the gallon.

Now that you know all the symptoms and the reasons, let’s dive into the solutions:

Solution 1: Insert/Replace The Battery

Your Ortho home defense wand is not working primarily because of a dead battery. Also, it might be the case that you’ve inserted the battery incorrectly. Follow the steps to fix the issue:

  • Step 1: First, open up the battery compartment in the wand. It’s located at the bottom of the wand sealed by two screws.
  •  Step 2: Check if the batteries are inserted properly. If that doesn’t work, you have a dead battery.
  • Step 3: Check the battery’s charge using a battery tester. Then replace the one that shows low or no charge. If the meter gets to the red zone of the meter, it has low or no charge. And the green indication means it’s in good condition.
ortho home defense dead battery

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  • Step 4: Finally, screw back the compartment once done replacing the battery.

Now, spray for 30 seconds holding the gallon above the wand. It should work now. Follow the video below for visual assistance:


Now, you can also compare Ortho home defense vs home defense max to choose one.

Solution 2: Clean The Wand

If the above solutions don’t work, there’s a high chance the wand is clogged or dirty. Follow the steps below to learn how to clean it:

  • Step 1: First, remove the wand from the holster.
  • Step 2: Use warm and soapy water to clean the wand and clear any residue.
  • Step 3: Soak the wand tip in soapy water for 30 minutes to clear the clogging.
  • Step 4: Now, dry the wand and use it again.

After a thorough cleaning, your Ortho home defense wand should work again.

Solution 3: Replace The Wand

If the Ortho home defense wand is still not working after cleaning, it is faulty. In this case, you’ll need to replace it.

To replace the wand, contact Ortho customer service for a new one. Or you can buy a comfort wand by yourself in the market.

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Another problem with your Ortho home defense is improper fitting of the hose and fitting. In that case, check if the hose and fitting of the spray are inserted properly into the gallon cap.

Also, the angle of the hose and fitting to the cap should be perpendicular. If the angle is slightly away from the perpendicular position, it will not work.

Now, let’s go over some common mistakes when using the Ortho home defense.

  • If the spray is not applied properly it will not work. To properly apply it shake the bottle before using it and spray from at least 12 inches from the surface.
  • Spray the home defense until slightly wet but not soaking the surface.
  • If you do not use it regularly, it will not work properly.
  • For indoor spray, set the wand to indoor seating.
  • And for outdoor spray, set the wand to the outdoor setting.
  • Make sure the wand and the gallon cap are on.

Also, read the instruction manual carefully for the proper application of the spray. Now, you might ask does home defense kill roaches or ants? It does, but there are several reasons why it might stop working.

  • They may be resistant to the insecticide. So, use baits to kill the roaches and ants.
  • They may be coming from outside.
  • They may be nesting in a difficult-to-reach area.
  • The insecticide may have expired hence get a new one.
  • The insecticide may not have been applied correctly. Read the instructions.


How Long Does It Take for Ortho Home Defense Spray to Work?

It will take from an hour or two to one day for the Ortho home defense spray to work. This’ll depend on the type of insect and its life stage. Also how long the insects stayed in contact with the spray.

Do More Bugs Come Out After You Spray?

Yes, there’s a high chance that more bugs will come out after the treatment. The spray will not take of everything on the first treatment. You’ll see bugs and ants come out of their nest. It may require multiple treatments to flush them out and kill them.

Is Home Defense Safe Once Dry?

Yes, it is safe for pets and people to enter the treated place after the home defense is dried. It will take 2 to 3 hours for outdoor places and 6 to 8 hours for indoor places to dry.


So, now you know why is your Ortho home defense spray not working.  

Always read the instruction manual before using it and apply the product accordingly. Make sure you wear gloves and protection before using it.

Also, read the list of insects and bugs the Ortho Home Defense will kill to avoid the wrong application of the product.