Pasture Pro vs Grazon (Which One to Choose)

Herbicides are something that we cannot help using for maintaining lawns and house gardens. The two most common and popular herbicides name would be Pasture Pro and Grazon which confuses people sometimes to choose the best one.

So, which one works best Pasture Pro vs Grazon?

Well, both of them are really good herbicides but there are some differences. Pasture Pro and Grazon are absolutely safe for all animals and birds after drying.

On the contrary, Grazon can cause health hazards while Pasture Pro is completely safe for health. Regarding price, Pasture Pro is a bit overpriced than Grazon.

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Hope you get a brief idea already. If you want to dig deep, the following article would be helpful for you.

Pasture Pro vs Grazon: Quick Overview

If we have to name the best herbicides or weed controllers, Pasture Pro and Grazon should be among the top names. Both of these work great for weed control and are widely used among people.  

Though both of them are used as herbicides, there are some fundamental differences between them. For a user, sometimes it gets difficult to choose the best one for them. And that is why a detailed comparison would be helpful. 

Let’s see what are the main differences between Pasture Pro and Grazon through the following table:

Factors Pasture Pro Grazon
Key Ingredients 2,4-D, diethanolamine salt 16.3% 2,4-D, dimethylamine salt 33.2% 300 g/L triclopyr; 100 g/L picloram, 8 g/L aminopyralid.
Formula Liquid formulation Liquid formulation.
Effectiveness Controls more than 125 species of tough broadleaf weeds and brush including wild roses, buckbrush, thistles, dandelion, clover, and poison ivy Controls perennial broad-leaved weeds such as nettle, docks & thistle in established grassland.
Usage Outdoor Use Outdoor Use.
Grazing Restriction No grazing restriction No grazing restriction.
Safety Safe after completely drying  Highly toxic, can cause eye irritation and kidney damage.
Restricted Animals Safe for animals after drying Safe for animals and birds.
Mixing Ratio 1 to 1/3 oz. per gallon of water 67ml of Gazon with 10L of water.
Price Point $160-$165 $129-$142.

Factor 1: Main Ingredients

The main ingredients of Pasture Pro are 16.3% of diethanolamine salt and 33.2% of dimethylamine salt. This combination makes it a really good weed controller.



On the other hand, Grazon contains triclopyr 300 g/L, 100 g/L picloram, and 8 g/L aminopyralid. These are also amazing formulas for weed control. 

Verdict: Both have different key ingredients for different weed control. So it’s a tie. 

Factor 2: Formula

Pasture Pro is available in a liquid formula and has to be mixed with water before use. On the other hand, Grazol is also available in a liquid formula which has to be mixed with water.

Verdict: It’s a tie since both come in liquid formulations. 

Factor 3: Effectiveness

Pasture Pro is a great formula that controls over 125 species of tough broadleaf, weeds, and brushes. It also includes wild roses, dandelions, clover, poison ivy, thistles, and many more. 

On the contrary, Grazon Controls perennial broad-leaved weeds such as nettle, docks & thistle in established grassland. 

Verdict: Both work great in different weed controlling. So it’s a tie. 

Factor 4: Usage

Both Pasture Pro and Grazon are for outdoor use. These are best for using the house garden or on the lawn of the house. 

Verdict: It’s a tie since both are used outdoors. 

Factor 5: Grazing Restriction 

Pasture Pro is safe for all kinds of animals once it is dry. While Grazon is also safe for almost all kinds of anima, ls, birds, and mammals after drying.



Verdict: It’s a tie since both of them are safe for birds and animals. 

Factor 6: Safety

Pasture Pro is absolutely safe for humans and has no harmful after-effects. On the other hand, Grazon is a strong toxic chemical that can cause irritation to the eyes and can cause serious hamper on the kidneys if not used with proper precaution. 

Verdict: Pasture Pro is comparatively safer. So Pasture Pro wins here.
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Factor 7: Mixing Ratio

For Pasture Pro, the mixing ratio is 1 to 1/3 oz. for per gallon of water. On the other hand, 1 part Gazon has to be mixed with 20 parts of water or diesel.

Verdict: Both have different mixing ratios. So no one wins, you can go for any one of them. 

Factor 8: Price Point

One bottle of Pasture Pro costs about $160-$165 dollars. On the other hand, one bottle of Grazon costs $129-$142 dollars

Verdict: Grazon comes cheaper than Pasture Pro. So Grazon is the winner.
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Now, Pasture Pro vs Grazon: Which One to Choose?

By now, you should be able to decide which one is the right choice for you. If you are still confused, here is a brief comparison for you.

In terms of active ingredients, Pasture Pro has diethanolamine salt and dimethylamine salt. On the other hand, Grazon contains triclopyr, picloram, and aminopyralid. However, both of them works great as herbicide so you can go for any of them.

The formula of both the weed controller and the usages are similar so any one of them would do your work. 

If you are having any pets or birds in your home both products are safe for them. So you can go for any one of the weed controllers.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about health safety, then any small negligence in using can cause serious health hazards while using Grazon. Then you should go for Pasture Pro in that case. 

Finally, if pricing is your concern, Pasture Pro is a bit overpriced compared to Grazon. In that case, you should pick Granzon.


What is the best replacement for Grazon?

The best replacement for Grazon is Gunslinger AMP Herbicide – 2.5 Gallons. Grazon is a very good herbicide. But in case of unavailability, you can go for Gunslinger AMP Herbicide without any hesitation. Both of them shows the almost equal result. 

Which herbicide is best for grasses?

Nonselective herbicides are the best for grasses and lawns for example glyphosate. You can use it all over the area. Glyphosate can effectively kill turf and grassy and broadleaf weeds. It is easily transferred in actively growing plants. 

What are the strongest herbicides?

Some of the most popular and strongest herbicides are Sunday Weed Warrior Herbicide ConcentrateSpectracide Weed & Grass Killer, and Ortho GroundClear Weed & Grass Killer. All of them work great as herbicides.

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Final Words

Hope you found this article useful regarding Pasture Pro vs Grazon. Analyzing the article thoroughly would help you pick the right one according to your need. 

Before using any kind of chemical herbicide, make sure you wear gloves and masks for avoiding any kind of risk. That is it for today. See you soon with more useful content.

Till then, stay safe!