Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer Not Working (All Fixes)

The Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer has a convenient design. But sometimes it doesn’t work at all. So, why does it happen, and how to fix Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer not working issue?

Well, Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer doesn’t work when there’s an issue with the nozzle, priming, or having weak batteries. To fix this, you need to turn the nozzle ON. Lift the bottle over the sprayer and make sure to insert fully charged AA batteries in the sprayer machine.

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Sounds simple? Yes, it is. But let me elaborate on the process to make sure you get your Spectracide sprayer back running!

Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer Not Working: Quick Overview

I’ve identified 6 separate reasons that can stop your Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer from working. Have a quick look at them along with solutions from the table below:

Symptoms Reason Solution
Sprayer Not Working At All Incorrect sprayer setup. Remove the plastic covering and seals. Then, secure the plug.
The Sprayer Trigger is stuck Locked sprayer. Unlock the button below the trigger.
The trigger is working but Nozzle is not spraying Closed nozzle. Turn the nozzle ON. 
Pesticide not reaching sprayer from bottle Improper priming of the sprayer. Hold the bottle above the sprayer and squeeze the trigger. 
The sprayer spraying uncontrollably Loose connection, cracks, kinks. Tighten the connections.
Weak Priming Speed from Sprayer Dead/ Low Batteries. Replace with 4 new AA batteries.

Surprisingly, you’ll find these reasons almost identical to Ortho home defense spray issues! Now, let’s go through the reasons in detail to fix your sprayer issue:

Reason 1: Sprayer Not Set Up Properly

Many fail to get the Spectracide sprayer to work due to improper setup. You’ll find the installation process written on the back of the label. 

The sprayer comes with a plastic covering the tubing. It blocks the spray from spraying out any content. There’s also a plastic tab around the top of the sprayer which keeps the batteries from activating. 


You can fix the issue by following these 4 simple steps:

  • Remove the plastic covering from the tubing of the sprayer. 
  • After that, remove the seal from the top of the cap.
  • Then, snap the plug into the hole of the cap. 
  • Finally, get rid of the plastic tab on top of the sprayer to activate the batteries. 

Reason 2: Sprayer is LOCKED

A small button under the trigger of the sprayer dictates if it’s Locked or Unlocked. if you notice the button is tilted upwards, it means the sprayer is locked. So, the sprayer won’t work. 


You need to use your fingernail to solve this. Gently push the raised tab downwards using your fingernail until the tab snaps to Unlock state. That should fix the issue. 

Reason 3: The Nozzle Is Closed

Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer has 3 different modes of spraying – Closed, Sray, and Stream. The arrow at the top of the nozzle indicates the mode the sprayer is currently activated at. 

If the raised arrow is pointing to the “X” marked sign, it means that the nozzle is closed. A closed nozzle will block the sprayer from spraying spectracide. So you need to make sure to turn it on. 


Twist the nozzle on the sprayer and point the arrow at the top to either SPRAY or STREAM status. This will enable the sprayer to spray the insecticide. 

Make sure to twist the nozzle back to the CLOSE status after application.

Reason 4: Sprayer Not Primed 

A sprayer that’s not primed properly will face issues spraying the contents of the bottle. Here gravity is the culprit. So, you need to fix it with the help of gravity.


Bring the sprayer and bottle to the same level. Squeeze the trigger simultaneously. It should be enough for gravity to create drag that will spray the contents of the bottle properly. 

If you’re still having trouble getting to prime the sprayer, raise the bottle above the sprayer and keep squeezing the trigger. That should do the trick!

Once primed, the sprayer will spray in any direction. Make sure that you have the pesticide mix ratio right!

Reason 5: Sprayer Has Loose Connections

One of the reasons your sprayer fails to spray is a loose connection, cracks, or kinks in the sprayer. It can lead to uncontrolled spraying from the bug sprayer with severe side effects!


In this case, check if you can tighten the loose connection. You can also fill up cracks by applying gluing agents. As the last resort, you can replace the sprayer with a new one.

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Reason 6: Battery Issues

This is one of the most common issues one can have with their battery-powered Spectracide Bug stop sprayer.

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A weakened battery will result in improper priming despite the motor running. It might be able to spray the insecticide, but the stream will be forceless. 

Finally, dead batteries will render the Spectracide Bug stop sprayer completely immobilized.


If your battery is running low on juice, get them charged up to the max. It fixes the low pressure of the sprayer. And if you’re facing issues with dead batteries, replace them with 4 new AA batteries.

Now, in case you’re having issues with the sprayer wand, you can check out the video below:



How Long Does Spectracide Spray Last?

The Spectracide spray lasts for about 3 months of regular usage. However, it depends on how much you use. 

How Long Does Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer Take to Work?

The Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer takes about 5-10 minutes to work. It actively eliminates harmful bugs from your home and lawn.

Is Spectracide Bug Spray Safe?

The Spectracide Bug Spray is not safe for human skin. Avoid any sort of contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Use gloves and other safety measurements before using the Spectracide bug spray. Make sure to remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

Parting Words

I hope this guide helped you figure out the reasons for your Spectracide Bug Stop Sprayer not working. Following our instructions should help you fix the issues with your sprayer. 

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful, bug-free day!