Do Bed Bugs Jump or Fly? (Answered)

Can bed bugs jump or fly?

Bed bugs are so proficient at getting from place to place, it seems like they must be able to fly or jump, right?

The simple answer is no.

But there is a reason this question is so common.

This guide will explain how bed bugs get around so you can better protect yourself from an infestation. 

Do Bed Bugs Jump?

No, bed bugs cannot jump. Bed bugs do not have powerful legs like fleas. 

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

No, bed bugs cannot fly. Bed bugs are wingless oval-shaped bug and have no ability to fly.

If you think you’ve got a flying bed bug in your home, it’s likely going to be a stink bug.

How Do Bed Bugs Move Around?

Bed bugs, belonging to the order Hemiptera (or true bugs), move around by crawling.

And they can actually crawl rapidly over walls, floors, ceilings, mattresses and really any surface.

Can Bed Bugs Climb?

Yes, bed bugs can climb.

In fact, they’ve been known to climb up onto people’s ceilings and drop down onto their bed.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel From Place To Place?

If a bed bug can’t fly or jump, how is it that infestations have become such a problem?

Bed bugs are experts at smuggling themselves into your home in your luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes, and more. And bed bugs can survive for months without a blood meal.

This is why they can be so difficult to deal with, detect, and protect yourself against.

One infected item moved to a new place can cause mayhem. Here’s are some classic examples of how bed bugs get around

  1. Traveler has returned home and a piece of luggage is infected
  2. A used piece of furniture was brought into your home
  3. A visitor
  4. Backpacks from children at school


Bed bugs can’t jump or fly, but they’re very efficient at getting around without you seeing until it’s too late.

The best thing you can do is if you think you may have a bed bug infestation, get a professional to your home as quickly as possible to inspect.