Does Raid Kill Insects And How to Use It (2023)

When it comes to insect and pest control in your home, Raid is a very known insecticide. Along with general insecticide, the company offers products that target specific insects or bugs to deal with. Using them, you can easily control mosquitos, flies, ants, roaches, bed bugs, etc. 

Generally, insects like spiders, Black Widow spiders, and Scorpions are difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, with Raid, you will get specialized products. Using these products will help you to avoid get poisoned from  these insects.

Most importantly, Raid offers a rat killer that comes with a trap that is easily disposable.

What Are the Ingredients in Raid Insects Killers?

Raid Insect killer is a very prominent brand to kill bugs and insects indoors. There is an active ingredient present in this insect killer which works directly in the body of insects and toxifies their bodies.

The following chemicals are actively present in Raid insect killer that works actively to prevent insects. 

  • Pyrethroids: This is a man-made pesticide that works as an insect killer. Its chemical formation is similar to natural pesticides pyrethrum. You can find pyrethrum in chrysanthemum flowers.
  • Imiprothrin: This chemical is a synthetic pyrethroid. It is an active ingredient for killing insects in your home without causing much harm to human existence.
  • Cypermethrin: It works as a fast-working neurotoxin in insects. It is mainly used to target agricultural insecticides for larger purposes.
  • Piperonyl Butoxide: It is a liquid organic compound without any insecticide properties. But it plays an important role in insecticides. It works to boost the activity of other chemicals. It works especially as a catalyst in carbamates, pyrethrins, pyrethroids, and rotenone.
  • D-phenothrin: Speciality of this chemical is to work on the flying insects and fleas. It is a very common ingredient in aerosol-based products. 

How to Use Raid to Kill Insects Instantly?

Raid is a very prominent product to deal with insects and best in your home and lawn. It has several different products to deal with different types of insects.

The company introduced several targeting products to ensure the maximum outcome from those products.

 All of these products come with their own using procedure that needs to be insured to get the maximum utilization. 

Does Raid Kill Wasps: Raid Wasp And Hornet Killer Spray

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Raid Wasp And Hornet Killer Spray are used for both indoor and outdoor use. As it is a very active spray and can cause harm to the living organism so it is very important to follow the given direction for application of the spray. 

The best time to apply the spray is in the morning or in the early evening. During this time the activity of the insects is very minimal, so they are in a subtle position. 

As a result, the spray can work actively ensuring that it gives the maximum result. 

Do not spray directly into their nest or beneath the nest. But stand at a distance and spray covering the maximum area. 

Try to hold the spray can as straight as possible. Also, try to apply the spray in the wind direction. This will ensure that the spray goes inside the nest properly. 

To get the result from the spraying, spray the product into the nest unless the whole nest is saturated with the product.

Without this, you cannot get rid of the whole population from the nest and they will come back from the nest. 


During the whole process, do not forget to wear gloves, spectacles and a mask. This will protect you from the chemicals.

Leave the place immediately after the spraying is done. Also do not come near the area until the spray has dried out.

Definitely, do not touch or remove the nest before 24 hours of the application. This way, you will not only get the best result but also it is safe for your own health from the raw toxic chemical. 

After the application, definitely wash thoroughly, change your cloth, and in case of swallowing the product, go to poison control immediately. This is also applicable if you have any product inside your eyes. 

Benefits of Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray Side Effects of Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray
Works immediately Very toxic.
Works as prevention Can need a large amount of product.

Does Raid Kill Bed Bugs: Raid Bed Bug Foaming Spray

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If you want to get rid of all kinds of bed bugs and their eggs before hatching, then the best product you should go for is Raid Bed Bug Foaming Spray.

With a spray, you can get rid of bed bugs from your mattresses, upholstered furniture and carpet. Especially if they are water safe, then you don’t even have any watermark on the fabric and surface. 

The application process is very easy. First, shake the container well and then direct the spray nozzle towards the target zone. Do the spraying at least from an 8-inch distance. 

The best thing about the product is, after application, the foam spreads in a way to two places where it is impossible for you to reach. It keeps killing the bug up to 4 weeks from its first application. 

This is permitted to apply the spray on any surface other than the food area. You can freely use it inside your car and kennel.

Just apply an amount so that the surface is wet. Then the rest is up to the spray and it certainly will ensure the best result. 


The product is toxic to animals and humans. Even though it is applicable to furniture and fabrics, if it gets into your clothing, then you need to wash them before you wear them again.

Also after application, do not sit in your bed or furniture until it gets dry. 

Benefits of Raid Bed Bug Foaming Spray  Side Effects of Raid Bed Bug Foaming Spray
Reaches to all places Toxic to animals.
Doesn’t leave a stain  Needs to dry before using the bed.

Does Raid Kill Ants and Roaches: Raid Ant and Roach Killer 26

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With one spray bottle of Raid Ant And Roach Killer 26, you can get rid of and you can get rid of and roaches at the same time.

With this product, you will kill insects immediately and even if the residuals touch the other insects that weren’t sprayed on will get killed. 

This property of the product makes it more effective than most other insecticides for ants and roaches. You can use it on any surface without worrying about surface stains or odor from the product. 

The procedure of using the product is also very easy to follow. Try to apply the product during the night time. That way, the effectiveness of the product will stay for a longer time without anyone stepping into it. 

Before application, shake the container well and make sure you uphold the can as much as possible. Use the nozzle as much as possible. Spray keeping a distance of 18 inches from the targeting surface. 

It is mainly used for indoor applications but you can use it outside for immediate results. 

You can use the product as much as necessary. If the first application doesn’t get rid of the ants and the roaches then go for the second or third application. 


Make sure there is no food or food utensils around the spraying zone. Once you are done with spraying, leave the place immediately. Once it is dry, you can re-enter the area.  

Try to avoid weeping the floor after the application. At least give it 72 hours to keep its effectiveness. That way the product works as prevention. 

Benefits of Raid Ant and Roach Killer 26 Side Effects of Raid Ant and Roach Killer 26
Multiple application is possible Food safety is required.
No stain or odor Needs to be left for 72 hours. 

Does Raid Kill Mosquitoes and Fruit Flies: Raid Flying Insect Killer

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Flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, hornets, yellow jackets, fruit flies, etc are easily dealt with by the Raid Flying Insect Killer. The product is specialized in both indoor and outdoor flying insects. 

The application procedure of the product is not complicated but comes with some definite instructions for your safety and ensuring the best results. 

Before spraying the product, you need to close the windows of the room and make sure the product cannot get out while you are spraying.

The bottle needs to be shaken well before application. Keep the bottle upholding as much as possible keeping the nozzle away from your face.  

The spraying has to be done in a sweeping motion. Also do not spray directly on your interior wall or or any fabrics in the room.

Same instruction is given for furniture. For insects like Hornets, Yellow Jackets, and Asian Lady Beetles, spray directly on them to get the best result.

After application, keep the room closed for at least 2 hours. Before entering the room, ensure the ventilation by opening the windows and doors. 


While applying the product, do not forget to wear a mask and eye protection. If the product gets in touch with your eye, immediately rinse the eye with clean water.

Rush to the nearby doctor as soon as possible. Always wash your hands and face after the application is done. 

Another important notion is, this product is highly toxic to honey bees. If you are not targeting to kill any of the bees then do not use the product near them or at least try to create a protective barrier. 

Benefits of Raid Flying Insect Killer Side Effects of Raid Flying Insect Killer
Works in all flying bugs Needs to leave the room after application.
After application it also works as prevention Proper ventilation is must before re-entering the room.

Does Raid Kill Spiders: Raid Max Spider and Scorpion Killer

Insects like spiders, black widow spiders, and scorpions are hard to deal with. But one of the easiest solutions you can get is using Raid Max Spider & Scorpion Killer. 

Using this product is actually very easy with bare minimum of instruction.

Before the application, shake the container well and keep the can straight and then do the spraying. Do the spraying from at least a 12-inch distance from the targeted surface.  

With this product, if you are targeting the spiders, then you need to spray it on the infested area. Which means, just use the product where the spider has created its web.

But when it comes to Black Widow Spider and Scorpion killing, you have to do the target killing.

With these two insects, you have to apply the spray directly into their body to get the maximum result. If you can find them in their habitat, then apply this spray there and make sure the habitat is well covered with the product.

To do the pest control, you have to reapply the product. If these insects are making habitat in a porous surface, then you have to do the application every 7 weeks.

Otherwise, you can do the retreat to the surface every 12 weeks. 

This product is immensely toxic to fish and any other aquatic animals. Therefore even if you find a spider or a Scorpion in your aquarium or fish tank, do not apply it there.

Wait for them to come out and then you can take care of them. 

Benefits of Raid Max Spider and Scorpion Killer Side Effects of Raid Max Spider and Scorpion Killer
Kills toxic spiders Highly toxic for water animals.
Multiple applications can be done Needs to be repeated after 12 weeks. 

Can Raid Harm Human and Pets?

As we have discussed earlier, Raid is an insect insecticide that is composed of ingredients like pyrethroids, cypermethrin, imiprothrin, and pyrethrin.

Even though some are all neutral elements, there are synthetic insecticides. These are toxic to bugs which makes them deadly. 

With these insecticides, humans and pets may not get killed immediately, but they are highly poisonous. Especially for the newborn and pets. 

If the product is used without maintaining proper direction then you can have side effects like sneezing, asthma attack, dizziness, headache, respiratory issue, and skin, throat, and eye irritation. These are just some mild symptoms.

If the situation gets severe, then you can have diarrhea, lethargy, coughing up blood, vomiting, increased heart rate, and even heart attacks.

Therefore, after coming in contact with the product, you must wash up as soon as possible.

In case of swallowing or getting into your eyes, you need to get to the doctor as soon as possible. Especially, if your area has a poison control zone, rush there immediately. 

Remember that these symptoms and consequences happen when you come directly in contact with the product.

If you take proper protection while applying the product and also follow the afterword directions you are safe to use them. 

Alternative of Raid

Raid is the best insecticide in the market. But if you are not comfortable using any kind of insecticide or pesticide due to their toxic nature, then there is an alternative option.

There are several pest control and insect control companies out there. 

These companies are expertise in using these toxic chemicals. Which means they will come into your home and will make your home free from any kind of insects.

They will also ensure that your pets for children don’t get toxic from these products. 

If you want, you can ask them to use the products from Raid. That way, you can get the benefit of Raid and you do not have to worry about getting sick from contamination.


Do Insects Suffer from Raid?

In the event that the bug gets into direct contact with the product, it goes about as nerve gas. Dynamic fixing is some pyrethroid that ties with neurons and makes them continue terminating by forestalling the sodium channels from shutting. Basically, it over-burdens their sensory system causing loss of motion much the same as a seizure.

Are Roaches Becoming Immune to Raid?

Cockroaches are famously disposed of and deteriorating. As per another review done by researchers at Purdue College, cockroaches have become so impervious to pesticides and bug sprays, they’re almost difficult to annihilate with synthetics alone.

How Do I Clean After Spraying Raid?

Assuming you want to wipe down an area that you’ve splashed or spilled, utilize warm lathery water and a paper towel. Additionally, make certain to peruse the item name for more data. For shower adaptability, use a two-way splash to get those hard-to-arrive-at regions or to cover a more extensive region.

Final Words

After reading this post thoroughly you won’t be asking, Does Raid kill insects? S. C. Johnson & Son introduced the product in 1956.

Since then the product has got millions of satisfied customers. It is a household brand in both North and South America.  

In this post, we tried to introduce the products from Raid. Read the post thoroughly and follow the directions and precautions to avoid any accidents.

You can order the product from an online market or buy it from the nearest shop.