Dynatrap Troubleshooting Guide (All You Need to Know)

When it comes to controlling mosquitoes and other insects in my home, an insect trap is a lifesaver.

Now, although DynaTrap is known for its popularity, I encountered some problems with it. And so did my friends to whom I recommended this product.

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So I came up with a troubleshooting guide for the Dynatrap insect controller. 

The Dynatrap insect controller can stop working because of a failed power source. The UV light and fan can also be faulty and stop working. You’ll need to check the power source, clean the trap, and clean or replace the faulty fan and bulb. 

Read on to know more as I have discussed how to fix the issues with your DynaTrap insect controller. 

Dynatrap Troubleshooting: Reasons and Fixes 

There can be several reasons why your DynaTrap is not working. Let’s have a quick look at the reasons and solutions first: 

Problems Reason Solution
The bulb and fan do not work Problem with the power source.  Check the power source. 
The bulb works but the fan does not Fan is shorted Check the fan for debris or dirt and clean it. 
The fan works but the bulb does not Misplaced bulb or burn-out bulb Align the bulb properly or replace it. 
The trap is not working Debris/dead insects inside the trap or vents.  Clean the trap. 

So, these are the most common scenarios where your DynaTrap insect controller isn’t working. Now, let’s get into the details. 

Solution 1: Check The Power Source Problem

If both the DynaTrap fan and light are not working, the reason is a bad power source. It can be a bad switch, or the plug is not inserted properly. So follow the points below to fix the problem: 

  • Make sure the plug is inserted properly into the outlet. Also, check the fuse if it’s okay. 
  • Change the location for a bad outlet or shorted breaker. 
  • For a battery-powered model, insert the batteries properly and ensure they have enough charge.  

Solution 2: Clean The Fan

The DynaTrap fan is not working because of a shorted fan. This happens because of dirt or debris stuck into the fan. Follow the steps below to clean the DynaTrap fan: 

Step 1: Turn off the DynaTrap by switching it to the off position. Unplug the trap from the power source. 

Step 2: Remove the cage from the trap and disassemble the fan from above the cage. 

Step 3: Use a cleaning brush or a Clorax cleaning wipe to get the fan free from debris/dirt.  

Step 4: Reassemble the fan above the cage, insert the cage, and connect the trap t the power source. It should work fine. 

Now, run your DynaTrap as long as you want. These insect traps are capable of running 24 hours 7 days. 

Solution 3: Align/Replace The bulb

If the DynaTrap fan is working but the bulb is not, then the light is burn-out or misplaced. 

So, first, check the sockets containing the bulbs to properly insert and align the bulb. If this does not work, then you’ll need to replace it. Follow the steps to replace the bulb:

Step 1: Turn off the DynaTrap and unplug it from the power source. Let the bulb cool down. Then turn the trap upside down.

Step 2: To loosen the light housing, twist the black threaded fastener counterclockwise that secures the light housing. 

Step 3: Now, twist another 2 of those black threaded fasteners and remove the silver-colored clips carefully. 

Step 4: Use a cloth to grasp the bulb and slowly plug it out from the socket. 

Step 5: Clean the socket with a brush. Then insert the replacement bulb into the socket.  

Step 6: Out the black threaded fasteners in their place and twist them clockwise to seal the light housing. 

The lifespan of these DynaTrap bulbs is 3,000 hours which amounts to approximately 4 months. 

After this period of time, you should change the bulb for better functioning of your DynaTrap. Also, if you’re wondering about moth eggs on window screen, well DynaTrap won’t help you there. You might wanna clean it.  

Solution 4: Clean The Trap

If your DynaTrap is clogged or jammed with debris or dead insects, the trap will not work properly. In that case, clean the trap properly to get it working again. Follow the steps below to clean the trap.

Source: Woodstream.com

Step 1: Again, turn off the DynaTrap and unplug it from any power source. 

Step 2: Remove the retaining cage from the DynaTrap. Then dump all the debris and dead insects into the garbage. 

Step 3: To deep clean the trap, soak it with regular dishwashing soap/cleaning agent and water. Also, clean the fan as discussed above.

 Step 4: Now, wipe and let the trap cage dry. Then insert it back and plug the DynaTrap on. It should work fine now. 

It is recommended to clean the trap every week for better lifespan and good functioning. Also, do not use water spray to clean the trap. 

Now, for indoor insect problems, you might wonder does home defense kill roaches. Well, it should as far as I’ve used it.  


Is The DynaTrap Noisy?

Not all DynaTraps are quiet as there is a fan that spin to keep the trap functioning. But, the noise the fan produce can be as little as the hum of a computer fan. 

Can I Use My DynaTrap Outside?

Yes, you can use your DynaTrap outside of your house. All DynaTrap insect controllers are made for indoor/outdoor usage with all-weather durability.

How Soon Should My DynaTrap Begin to Work? 

As soon as you plug in the DynaTrap product, it’ll start to work. It will take about 6 weeks to break the mosquito’s life cycle around your home. And the mosquito population will continue to reduce.  


So, now that you know the DynaTrap troubleshooting guide, clean and maintain your trap properly. 

Contact DynaTrap customer care if nothing works on your DynaTrap. Make sure to change the bulb as per its lifespan and usage.