How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Apartment

Apartments are just as prone as other residential homes to becoming infested by mice.

However, getting the landlord or property managers to properly get rid of mice in apartments may be a bit difficult. With so many tenants, and so many units to manage, landlords and property managers are not likely to act as quickly as you may need them to.

That said, the faster you get rid of that pesky mouse, the better, as one mouse leads to an entire population of them quickly.

Getting Rid Of Mice In Apartments

Knowing how to get rid of a mouse comes in mighty handy when you live in an apartment and are largely at the mercy of the property owner to deal with pest issues. 

At any rate, there are a few basics you should know when it comes to getting rid of a mouse in your apartment:

1. Keep Things Clean

The first step to getting rid of mice from an apartment is cleaning that apartment and keeping it clean. This will not only take away food and water sources from the rodent(s), but it will give them less reason to explore your home further as well as limiting their hiding places.

Keeping your apartment clean will help you starve your mouse out at the very least. And, eventually, it will aid you in finding him, trapping him, and ousting him from your apartment.

2. Close Stuff Up

You need to keep all of your food sources closed and stored properly at all times when dealing with a mouse in your apartment. That said, there is other stuff that needs to be closed off (or otherwise kept away) from the mice as well such as pet food, seeds, and certain house plants. 

Structurally speaking, cracks and crevices that lead into crawlspaces, attics, or storage areas, as well as broken windows, gaps underneath doors, and other entryways also need to be properly patched up or closed off.

3. Use Pesticide

In recent years pesticide has become both more available and affordable and remains one of the most effective and sought after forms of pest control when dealing with rodents, by residents and professionals alike. Aerosol sprays, traps with baits, and other pesticide-based products are among the most popular (and effective) when dealing with mice.

Pesticides are also pretty dangerous if mishandled or used improperly, many of them being toxic to both humans and animals. For this reason, among others, it is crucial that you read (fully read) the instruction on any pesticide product that you may decide to use in your home.

If you decide to enlist the aid of a pesticide in getting rid of mice from your apartment, be sure that you are fully aware of the pesticide-related laws in your area beforehand.

Some states (like California) require property owners to contact all tenants in writing before administering pesticides at the property (even if it is only in one unit). The brand of pesticide and how much is planned to be used may also be required.

4. Set Traps

One of the most tried and true methods for getting rid of mice in apartments is setting traps. This is due in part by the fact that tenants normally require no permissions from property management to do so. On the other hand, to use poison baits or sprays one might need permission (and more than likely to do so under strict guidelines set by the property owners)

In addition to being one of the most common forms of DIY pest control, setting traps for mice is also one of the most affordable ways to get rid of them. Depending on the trap, you may be able to reuse it for years. Likewise, depending on the sort of trap you use, you can either kill or catch and release as you see fit.

The downside to using traps for getting rid of mice is that they more or less only control the populations of pests. They do not work for exterminating them (at least, not without being used in combination with an additional form of pest control such as baits or pesticides).

5. Prevent Additional Infestations

Part of getting rid of a mouse is making sure it doesn’t come back. Otherwise, you’ve not really gotten rid of it. That means you’ll need to put a bit of thought into prevention.

Again, keeping your home clean is the first and best defense against additional pests. This means keeping the floors, counters, and floors clean constantly. It also means closing up any broken or damaged parts of your apartment (leaky pipes, vents, cracks). 

On top of keeping things tidy inside your apartment, the outside needs to be clutter and garbage-free as well. If you have a trash can outside, make sure it is covered. You can also throw down a few traps in hard to reach places and set bait out (if allowed) too.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to rid an apartment of mice is a breeze if you’re genuinely invested in making it happen. Following these few easy steps will put you well on your way to a rodent-free apartment with minimal efforts on your part.

Just remember, when the job is finally done, and your apartment is free of mice, make sure to practice solid prevention techniques to keep the same ordeal from unfolding again.