Rat Zapper Keeps Blinking Red Light (What To Do)

If you choose the right brand then rat zapper is a great way to kill rats, mice, and such animals. The blinking red light means it has caught the rat. But sometimes the Rat Zapper behaves, unfortunately. It accumulates dust and debris.

As a result, giving the wrong signal. Also if the sensor is damaged or the circuit is having problems. Then also the rat zapper keeps blinking red light.

Depending on the companies of rat zappers, the technical parts might vary. But the basic maintenance is the same. Here are some pointers that will help you.

Rat Zapper Not Working: Rat Zapper Troubleshooting

In general, rat zapper works through electric shocks. They have a food trap that lures the rat into them. Then the trap has an electric circuit. With the circuit, the trap electrocutes the trapped rat. 

The electrocution continues for 2 mins. This stops the heart of the rat. As the heart of the rat cannot start again by themselves, they end up dying.

Sometimes they fail to work. The reasons are not that severe. Rather very simple.


Some rat traps are connected to a direct electric supply through cable, others can have batteries. Any issues with the electric supply will cause the rat zapper to not work. 

Also, the electrodes in the zapper need to work properly for the execution to happen. If the electrodes are broken, or they are not large enough to reach rats, then they fail to establish a connection. As a result, the machine fails in general. 

Also, there are traps that lure the rat into the traps. Maybe the food trap is having issues. 


The solutions will depend if you are using a new one-time rat zapper or one which can be used multiple times. 

In the one-time zappers, first, check if the zapper’s electric circuit is working properly. Use a proper circuit checker. Make sure you are safe in this process. 

If a wire is loose then reconnect the wire. This especially happens in reusable zappers. You can get them fixed by customer care or by an electronic mechanic. 

Also in the case of food traps, if the product comes with the food trap then, take a close look at it and make sure it is enough to attract rats. If you have to do it manually then it is important that you put the right food in. 

How Do I Know If My Rat Zap is Working?

First of all, if your rat zap is working, then it will be killing rats. If it is a zapper that just traps rats then it will be doing so.

As you are thinking about rat zapper, that means your place is having a rat problem. If it is a severe issue, then after setting the trap, within a few days you will see the result. It will start catching the rats.

Sometimes consumers want to buy a killer zapper, but end up buying the traps. If there is a rat in the trap and it is not dead, then read the product manual properly.

Maybe it’s just a trapper. In other cases, you might not have enabled the modes properly. 

If you see that the food trap is not working properly, then it will be observable in the food quantity. Here, the food will be eaten by the rats but they won’t be trapped in the zapper. 

Also depending on different types and brands of zappers, there will be lights indicating the activity of the zapper. Like if the rat is in the zapper, or it is already dead.

Some zappers even have troubleshooting mode. These modes tell if the zapper is having any issues or not.

Rat Zapper False Alarm: How to Resolve It?

Rat zappers are sensitive instruments. It works on a sensor of the movement of the rat. Whenever a rat is trapped inside, it will show you the red light.

As the machine is set on the floor in most cases, it accumulates dust and debris very easily. Especially, if the zapper has been sitting in for a while. 

In such a case, if a spider or other bug has made it their habitat inside, then once you turn it on, it will give false alarm. 

It is always best to clean the machine before you put it to work. Use cotton or fur to clean it. Definitely do not use wet substances. 

Another issue is, even if it is new, the sensor can be broken. Which means it won’t be able to recognize the difference between small moths and rats.

As a result, if anything gets inside it, the doesn’t even complete the circuit, will ring the sensor.

Some rat zapper companies sell sensors. From them, you can buy one and reinstall it. If cleaning and changing the sensor doesn’t solve the problem, you will have to buy a new zapper. 

Always check the zapper before you buy it. In one-time zapper, they come with a warranty. If they have a sensor issue, you can exchange it for a good one.

Rat Zapper Ultra Cleaning Instructions

To avoid the unnecessary hassle of wrong indication and troubleshooting, it is necessary to do the maintenance of any machine. Cleaning the rat zapper is a vital part of it.

Step 1: Reading the Manual

The first thing to do the cleaning is to read the manual properly. Thus you will be able to understand how to open the machine safely. Also, read the precaution part properly to know if alcohol can be used as a cleanser or not.

Step 2: Do the Dry Cleaning

There is a plate in the zapper that traps the rat in it. Beside the plate, there is a gap. It can be half an inch to one inch. Using a cotton or wool cloth, clean the gap. Especially if the zapper wasn’t used for a long time.

Make sure all the dry dust and debris are out. If there is a spider web, it must be taken out. Otherwise, you will get the wrong indication.

Step 3: Do the Wet Cleaning

In this stage, you can use either an alcohol pad or liquid alcohol. Wet tissue containing alcohol will work the best. 

Using these pads or tissue, clean the plate. Also, the wall and the sensor need to be cleaned properly. Make sure there is no debris or accumulation of any dirt left.

Step 4: Let It Dry

After the wet cleaning, let the machine dry for a while. It will take half an hour to an hour. You can use a dry towel to speed up the process. Once it’s well-dried, it’s ready to be used. 


Why is My Rat Zapper Buzzing?

In the event that the zapper is humming after the underlying light glimmer, there might be something causing an obstruction on the metal plates and erroneously stumbling the snare. We suggest turning the snare off, eliminating the batteries, and clearing off the metal plates inside the snare with a moist material.

What Does Green Light Mean on Rat Zapper?

A green flickering light shows a rat has been gotten and now is the ideal time to purge your snare. A red flickering light cautions you when the battery power is low and now is the ideal time to embed new ones.

Does Rat Zapper Work on Mice?

Mice and rats enter the chamber and are dispatched with a strong shock of power. Assuming that they’ll fit in the chamber, the Rodent Critic will dispatch them. No blood, no violence, no wreckage, and no toxic substances to imperil your pets or the climate.

Final Words

Rat Zapper keeps blinking red light means the machine is bugging. Either the problem can be solved by some maintenance job or you will have to buy a new one.

It is always better to buy a one-time rat zapper like the Raid Mouse killer. That way they are less expensive and are not left out for long which can cause damage.