Best Bed Bug Foggers Compared & Reviewed (2021)

Of all the different kinds of pests to plague your home, bed bugs are one of the most persistent and difficult to deal with (to put it mildly). 

All things considered, one of the best and most dependable ways to control these particular blood-sucking pests is to use a bed bug fogger.

But, beware, for not all foggers are created equal (or work even remotely as well as others). 

So, then, which are the best bed bug foggers currently available for purchase?

Let’s find out.

Quick Overview: Top Pick

The Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger is our pick for the best bed bug fogger.

What Is A Bed Bug Fogger?

Simply put, a bed bug fogger is a special type of dispenser of insecticide. Coming in the form of an aerosol, a bed bug fogger is sprayed into every nook and cranny of the infected area to kill or force out every last pest.

As bed bugs are more tenacious than other pests such as cockroaches and fleas, the insecticide found in bed bug foggers is not only more potent, but it also takes effect quicker than other forms of pest control. That said, extreme caution must be practiced while using them.

What To Consider Before Buying A Bed Bug Fogger?

The Size of Your Bed Bug Problem

Not all bed bug infestations can be treated by judicious use of a fogger. Bed bugs tend to burrow into the tiniest cracks and hidden spaces in the woodwork of your bed, apart from all the eggs and larvae that are laid even deeper.

Sometimes this infestation extends even further than the bed itself, stretching on to the flooring or an adjacent wardrobe. In such a case, even the best bed bug fogger might not be enough to completely remove the issue. Large infestations like this are best dealt with by a dedicated pest control company with experience in successfully controlling bed bugs. 

Does It Prevent Additional Infestations?

Most sprays (and foggers) only work to kill the bugs they immediately come into contact with. While that may not be much of a problem when dealing with large bugs that are skittering around openly, bed bugs tend to hide in the day time.

Moreover, their eggs are small enough and tough enough that most weak concoctions can’t even make a dent on them, forget destroying them. This leads to the bed bugs surfacing again after a few days once the eggs have hatched and matured.

A good bed bug fogger needs to be able to eradicate the infestation entirely, not leaving a single hidden cache of eggs that could cause the problem to relapse again.

How Well Does It Work On Bed Bug Eggs And Larvae?

Nylar is a chemical that regulates the growth cycle of insects. Specifically, it prevents most bugs from reaching their adult biting stage, and hence prevents their subsequent reproduction as well. An insecticide that includes Nylar has a better chance of properly treating a bug infestation as even the larvae that are left alive after fogging are prevented from growing, and die off eventually without laying any eggs.

There are other chemicals that can prevent bugs from infesting the fogged piece of furniture for long periods of time. While inadvisable for spraying on areas that are used for food storage (such as your kitchen), such foggers are good for using on the undersides of your bed where bugs usually start accumulating. 

How Safe Is The Product To Use On Your Mattress?

You may be surprised to know that most of the bugs are present not in the woodwork of the bed, but under your mattress itself, and occasionally even inside its cavities. While properly cleaning your mattress can remove any bugs (or eggs) currently residing around your mattress, you need to use a bed bug fogger to prevent it from becoming a home to pests again.

And since a mattress tends to come into contact with your skin pretty frequently, you need to ensure that the insecticide used is not harmful to your body.

Does It Leave Chemical Residues?

This is the primary reason to always go for a trusted brand when buying pesticides of any sort; inferior fogging agents leave harmful residues on the affected surface areas. Some of them are toxic to the human body, while others are harmful to the object (your bed, in this case) being sprayed on itself.

On repeated use of such foggers, these chemicals keep on accumulating to dangerous levels that may end up damaging your health and your property. Always go for a certified and reliable brand to avoid such spurious products.

Best Bed Bug Foggers Compared & Reviewed

While new forms of pest control products for bed bugs come out each year, a good old fashioned chemical insecticide spray remains far and wide the best method for dealing with a real bed bug infestation. 

Here are our picks for the best bed bug foggers:

1. Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger

The Hot Shot brand is well known in the area of insecticides and pest control. Their Bedbug and Flea Fogger is thus one of the leading products for dealing with bed bug infestations. Coming with the common aerosol delivery mechanism, the Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea Fogger can be sprayed directly on the hiding places of bedbugs, such us your headboard, beneath the bed, etc.

Thanks to the presence of chemicals like Nylar, this fogger also ensures that the bugs do not come back for a long time. It impedes the growth cycle of the few larvae that survive, preventing them from multiplying any further.


  • Easy to use
  • Kills eggs and larvae
  • More powerful than most fogger products


  • Stains mattresses and furniture
  • Does not reach into cracks or crevices on its own
  • Ineffective on eggs and larvae

2. Raid Fumigator

Everyone has heard of these things. A fumigator is what the professionals bring in when you dial a pest control company for help. A lot more common a decade ago, nowadays fumigators are steadily disappearing from stores, giving way to aerosol sprays.

Raid is one of the few decent companies remaining that still sell fumigators for home use, even though it is priced way higher than the usual fogging sprays. But the premium is completely worth it, as the effectiveness of the Raid Fumigator is comparable to pest control operation.

The Raid Fumigator works by releasing noxious fumes that spread throughout the enclosing area, seeping into all the little hiding places where bugs like to hunker down in the day and killing them instantly.


  • More effective than regular foggers
  • Wide area of effect
  • Broad application that affects other bugs as well


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to use compared to point and spray foggers
  • Risk of fume inhalation
  • Does not work on eggs

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3. Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer with Egg Kill

Another great product from Hot Shot, this fogging spray is particularly good at killing bed bugs. It has the same aerosol delivery system favoured by other Hot Shot products, with one important difference; it is actually water based. This means that it can be safely be used on mattresses or sofas without any fear of staining the fabric.

Most importantly, the Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer can eliminate the tough eggs and larvae as well, keeping the pest population from returning again.


  • Designed specifically for bed bugs
  • Kills eggs and larvae as well as adults
  • Does not stain fabrics or leave any odour.


  • Less potent than other insecticides
  • No long term effects, must repeat frequently

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4. Cedarcide Original Cedar Oil Bug Spray

Those of us with kids at home are often leery of using chemical products that could harm their health. Fortunately, there is a natural alternative as well. The Cedarcide Original Cedar Oil Bug Spray is made entirely of natural cedar oil, and works well on all kinds of bugs and fleas that infest your home.

Since it does not contain any chemicals, you can even use it directly on your mattresses and sofas without any fear of absorbing harmful chemicals into your skin. What is more, it kills bugs instantly, unlike some other ‘natural’ products that do not work at all.


  • Consists of natural cedar oil
  • Not harmful to people or pets
  • Is safe to be used on furniture and mattresses


  • Not as effective as other foggers
  • Strong smell 
  • More expensive than other similar products

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Which Is Best?

The Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger is hands down our pick for the best bed bug fogger on the market today. It is safe, trusted, and gets the job done quickly and effectively.

That said, if you are willing to do a bit of extra work (as well as shell out a bit more money), Raid’s Fumigator is an excellent choice. While it may come off as a bit outdated, it is still a work horse for pest control jobs like this.

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