Best Electronic Rat Traps for 2021 Reviewed

If you suspect that rats are infesting your home, beware: they are more than just food-thieving nuisances with whiskers; they are also a serious health hazard.

Getting rid of the little furballs is not always as easy as one may hope either. However, there are some incredibly effective electronic rat traps currently available on the market that will help you get the job done efficiently.

That said, in this article, we cover some of the best electronic rat traps on the market so that you can rid your home of these pesky rodents once and for all (and with as little hassle as possible).

Top Picks

After comparing the top choices, Victor make the best electronic rat traps.

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What Is An Electric Rat Trap?

There are quite a few different varieties of rat traps on the market today. Some are easier to use than others. Plus, the cleanup varies from one type of rat trap to another, which is one of the main reasons many people choose electronic traps.

With the more traditional traps, you set up some bait to lure in the rats. From there, the rat is either trapped or killed, which could put you at risk of harmful diseases during the cleanup process.

When you turn to an electronic trap, there is no need to touch the rodent or worry about blood being left behind. Instead, electronic traps shock the rat when it enters, effectively stopping the rat’s heart. 

Many older and outdated versions of more traditional rat traps rely on poison for killing rats. Which, in turn, could harm your pets or even your family for that matter. After exposure to these harmful types of rat poisons, pets and humans alike may develop cancer and other serious and incurable disorders (including death)

Electric rat traps, on the other hand, are far safer than traditional traps (not to mention much more effective) and do not use any sort of toxic substances. They simply need by loaded with bait (dry pet food works in a pinch) and placed in the best locations to catch rats. From there, a small light goes on or a sound goes off to notify you that a rat was caught, and the rodent gets put into the garbage so the trap can be reset and used again.

Considerations to Make Before Purchasing an Electronic Rat Trap

Since you are trying to rid your living space of rats, make sure you invest in the best rat traps you possibly can. It involves the safety of your household and your pets, so look at the traps and choose carefully.

Here are a few of the criteria that you should look at when comparing electronic rat traps. You can decide which is most important to you, but they should all at least be considerations when buying your traps.

Ease of Use

If you are considering to buy a trap that claims to be the best on the market, think twice. It does no good whatsoever if you can’t figure out how the crazy contraption actually works.

What you need is a trap that is simple to use, easy to dispose of dead rats, and effective in controlling rodent populations over time. The best electronic rat trap does not need to be complicated; it just needs to work.


Most electronic rat traps can be reset and used repeatedly until the entire infestation is under control. However, that is not the case with all traps.

If you want to get the most value for your money, then make sure that you purchase a rat trap that can be used for long periods of time without being replaced. This will help to gain control over the infestation without the need for purchasing additional traps.

Proper Size

Rats can vary greatly in size. This means that you need a trap that is going to fit with the size of the rats you are dealing with. If your rats are small, then you can likely use nearly any rat trap you find.

However, if your rats are the size of small livestock, you need to make sure your trap will be large enough to hold and shock a beast that size.

The largest rats found have been more than 30 inches long and weighed around 4 pounds. That said, rats will vary in size and shape, so make sure you know what sort of rats you’re dealing with before trying to find the perfect trap for your specific needs.

Level of Humanity

If you want to make sure that you get the most humane trap possible, then an electronic rat trap is ideal. It shocks the rat instantly, stopping its heart. This means no blood, no gore, and no pain. It really doesn’t get much more humane when it comes to killing rodents.


While cost may not be your primary concern, the best electronic rat traps come at a reasonable price. You do not want to spend a fortune on an electronic rat trap that claims to be the best. So, make sure to read plenty of reviews (and articles like this one) before putting that trap into your shopping cart and checking out.

There are huge variances in the price-point of electronic rat traps, so make sure you get everything you pay for. You should end up with an effective electronic trap that allows you to deal with your rodent infestation properly but does not break the bank.

Reviews for the 5 Best Electronic Rat Traps

We have done our research on these traps and are sharing what we found along the way. These are the traps that have consistently good reviews from the people who have put them to the test.

We will also provide you with some important things to know about each trap, so you know both the good and the bad points before you make your purchase.

1. Rat Zapper Classic

The Rat Zapper Classic is a simple trap that instantly zaps any rat that enters the trap. All you have to do is put in the batteries, place a little bit of bait inside, and turn the device on. Then all you need to do is find the best place to put it down and let it do its job. Upon entering the trap, an electric shock kills the rats instantly, and you are quickly alerted by a light on the trap. Disposal is fast and easy as well.


  • Kills up to 20 rats on one set of batteries (4AAs, not included)
  • Humanely shocks the rats to ensure they are not left suffering
  • Simple use and setup
  • Can hold up to large-sized rats


  • Since there is no noise, you must see the flashing light to know a rat was caught
  • Not ideal if you have a lot of rats to get rid of at one time
  • Large rodents can move it around some
  • Difficult to clean out from the bait

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2. Victor Electronic Rat Trap

Victor’s Electronic Rat Trap is one of the larger electronic rat traps out there. That said, It kills rats in a matter of seconds due to the high-voltage shock it sends out. Furthermore, the interior of the trap’s case makes escaping impossible for rodents who somehow survive (which is not common at all). Additionally, the rat trap is incredibly easy to use. Put in the batteries, bait it, place it in a good spot, and sit back and wait for rodents to start dropping. You do not need to do anything other than empty when the light goes off and then reset it and place it again.


  • Great for large rat infestations
  • Can kill up to 50 rats on a single set of batteries (4Cs, not included)
  • Durable construction
  • Simple to use


  • Not designed to be used outdoors
  • Cat paws or dog paws could get into the trap and harm the pet
  • Should be kept away from damp parts of the house

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3. Eliminator 7000

The Eliminator 7000 is the only true smart trap on our list. The sophisticated trap includes a wireless circuit sensor which it uses to sense when a rodent enters the trap. The rodent is then zapped and killed instantly. In addition, when the Eliminator 7000 shocks something, it does a body scan to ensure the rodent is fully dead. Once it detects a dead rodent, the zapper is disabled and a light turns on letting you know that the trap is ready to be emptied.


  • Works on A/C power or batteries (4Ds, not included)
  • Kills up to 30 rodents on one set of batteries
  • Easy to use and easy to keep clean


  • Should not be used outdoors or anywhere it is wet or damp
  • This only holds small-medium sized rats
  • Need to keep this trap away from children or small pets
  • Those with a heart condition should be careful if they opt for this trap

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4. PestZilla

The PestZilla electronic rat trap uses the same type of shock-technology as other the other electronic devices on our list and also avoids the need for poisons or chemicals. A light is enabled when you need to dispose of a rodent, plus, there is an extension you can get so the LED light can be seen easier and from further away if you have to put the trap into a hard-to-reach place.

The trap effectively kills rats through shocking when they reach the bait, and since the chamber can come out, you can easily bait and clean up this trap in comparison to others.


  • Can be plugged in or it can use batteries (4Ds, not included)
  • Can take care of nearly any sized rat you have
  • Chamber comes out so you can tape bait in place if you want or need to


  • Should not be used anywhere wet or damp
  • The blinking lights can make sleeping in the room with the trap more difficult

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5. Victor Multi-Kill

For those with large rat infestations, the Victor Multi-Kill may be the best route to take. After a single kill, the trap pushes the dead body into a second chamber and resets. It can kill up to 10 rats before you would need to empty and reset it.

If you own a home in the countryside, or have an infestation on your commercial property, the Victor Multi-Kill is the perfect electronic trap to control large rodent populations with ease.


  • Two separate entry points to the trap
  • Kills multiple rodents before you need to dispose of anything
  • Can kill up to 150 rats on one set of batteries (4Cs, not included)


  • Cannot be used outdoors or anywhere wet
  • Decomposition can start quickly, causing a smell if not emptied often

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Which Is Best?

Choosing the best electronic rat traps for your situation is a choice that only you can make, and using any of these traps should help reduce any size rat problem that you may have.  That said, the Victor traps are our pick for the best.

They are affordable, easy to use, and even more, work for both small and large infestations. So, whether you are trying to catch a single pesky rat or dozens of the buggers, these traps have you covered.

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