Best Mouse Poison in 2021 Compared & Reviewed

The best mouse poison for you and your mouse infestation can be a challenging decision to make with so many options. But, with a bit of time, and the right research, the best options separate themselves from inferior products.

To make your search for the best mouse poison as quick and painless as possible, we’ve researched and compiled a list of nothing but the best products.

Quick glance at the best mouse poison products:

Image Product Features Price
Tomcat Mouse Poison Pail Tomcat Mouse Poison Pail
  • Trusted Brand
  • Effective
  • Includes flavor enhancers
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Just One Bite II Just One Bite II
  • Effective
  • No bait traps needed
  • Great cost
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Venditor Mouse Poison Bait Stations Venditor Mouse Poison Bait Stations
  • Compact
  • Includes ant poison station
  • Pet and child safe
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D-ConMouse Poison Bait Stations D-ConMouse Poison Bait Stations
  • Trusted brand
  • Effective
  • Tamper resistant design
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Best Mouse Poisons Reviewed

Tomcat Mouse Poison Pail – Our Pick!

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One of the most trusted names in the mouse poison products industry is none other than Tomcat. That said, it should come as no surprise that the Tomcat Mouse Poison Pail landed a spot on our list of best mouse poisons.

The Tomcat motto is, as advertised by the manufacturer, that their products are “tougher than a barnyard cat for controlling rats and mice.” And, according to extremely satisfied customers of the Tomcat Poison Pail, that motto is no joke.

The pail includes 22 3-ounce packs of Tomcats signature rat and mouse poison. Poison that’s made with human-grade food ingredients as well as flavor enhancers to help persuade any nearby rodents to have a quick nibble (which leads to several more not so little nibbles).


  • Package includes 22 individual 3-ounce packs of poison
  • Kills mice in around 5 days
  • Uses real human-food and taste & smell enhancers
  • One of the most trusted and proven names in the mouse-killing business


  • The poison may take several feedings to work
  • May be more expensive due to the high-grade food ingredients
  • Poison doesn’t include bait stations

Just One Bite II

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When it comes to products designed for killing mice, one name that is currently on top of the industry is Just One Bite II. That said, the Just One Bite II Mouse Poison kills multiple species of small rodents in a single feeding.

This package includes 8 pounds of high-grade mouse poison, that’s 64 2oz chunks of mouse poison. Each chunk has a hole in the center for mounting with Just One Bite II bait stations. That said, the poison still works without bait stations. The poison is designed for use in and around buildings (not intended for serious outside use). 


  • Large quantity of mouse poison in one package
  • Works with or without the aid of bait traps
  • Kills rodents within a single feeding
  • Poison chunks are designed with “nibble ridges”


  • Poison comes in chunks, and have holes in the center
  • May allow rodents to escape into hard to reach places
  • May not work properly if other food sources are available

Venditor Mouse Poison Bait Stations

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Mice infestations are often managed with bait stations such as the Venditor Mouse Poison Bait Stations. Typically, mouse poison bait stations come in packs. The Venditor Mouse Poison Bait Stations come in a six pack.

Safety of your household, or place of business, including customers, children, and pets, is of the utmost importance to the manufacturer. That’s why these bait stations come with a tamper resistant design that takes a key to open.

The stations have a triangle-shaped design with a low profile, thus fit just about anywhere you can imagine. Further, as an added bonus, the Venditor Mouse Poison Bait Stations come with a set of ant poison stations as well. 


  • Compact and low profile design that fits into tight corners
  • Comes with 2 poison stations for killing ants
  • The bait stations are built with a pet and child-safe design
  • The pack includes 6 bait stations


  • Requires poison bait
  • A bit large compared to other poison stations
  • Requires a key to open

Harris Dry-Up Mouse Poison

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Another great mouse poison that we came across during our search for the best mouse poison is Harris Dry-Up Mouse Poison. The poison comes in 16oz bait-bar form. More specifically, the pack includes four of these bars.

The Harris Dry-Up Mouse Poison is made for use all-year long. Even more, its designed to be used in places that other poisons don’t usually work; like outside in the snow, or in damp, wet areas around your home.

The poison is more than potent. It works on most types of common rodents found in homes including rats (and possibly squirrels).


  • Kills most sorts of small rodents
  • Comes in four solid 16oz bars
  • Works well in environments that most mouse poison products fail to
  • Long-lasting and flavored


  • Has to be broken down into smaller pieces manually
  • Not such a large amount of poison for large infestations
  • Not designed for any specific bait station

D-Con Mouse Poison Bait Stations

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Last, but far from least, is D-ConMouse Poison Bait Stations. As with Tomcat, D-ConMouse Poison products are pretty much a household name in North America. The D-ConMouse Poison Bait Stations are an excellent solution for in-home rodent issues.

A tamper resistant design allows you to use the poison stations wherever you need. Furthermore, they have a compact and low profile design that enables you to stick them in places other popular bait stations won’t fit. Also, the stations come pre-baited and ready to use right out of the package, which is just another of the many benefits offered by these popular mouse poison bait stations.

Another factor that makes this product so popular is that mice start dying as soon as three days after feeding on the poison. Other products tend to take up to five or six days for the poison to kill the rodents. However, these mouse poison baits are designed for indoor use only.


  • Trusted for over 60 years by satisfied customers
  • Has a new recipe that tastes and smells better
  • Kills mice faster than before, just 3 days
  • Tamper resistant design


  • Poison requires a bait station
  • Isn’t made for use outside
  • May become hard to open after several uses

Which Is Best?

Tomcat’s Mouse Poison Pail comes in as our number one pick for the best mouse poison.. It’s made by one of the biggest names in the industry, with a more than proven track-record.

It includes 22 packs, with 3-ounces of Tomcat’s famous rat and mouse poison, and kills all sorts of rodents with ease. If you have a rodent problem, Tomcat will take care of it. Bottom line.

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What Is Mouse Poison?

Mouse poison is designed to do one thing, and one thing only; kill mice. There is no other practical application for the stuff. If you’ve landed on this article, chances are you have a mouse or rat infestation. And, if that’s indeed the case, mouse poison is absolutely a solid and realistic solution to your rodent issue.

That said, there are many types of mouse poison products on the market to choose from. Liquids, powders, solids, bait stations, and more. Without first-hand knowledge about these products, it can be challenging to select the best one for you and your house of business. That’s why we decided to add a section on all the most important considerations to make before buying mouse poison.

What to Consider Before Buying Mouse Poison

Selecting poison to be used inside your home (near your family and pets), or place of business (near your customers and employees) is not a choice to make lightly.

Here are several important aspects to take into consideration:

How Fast Does Mouse Poison Really Work?

Mouse poison, also known as rodenticide, typically kill small rodents within three to six days of ingestion. Some mouse poison only requires one feeding (chronic and single-dose), while others require feeding over several days (multiple-dose) in order for the poison to be lethal. 

In most cases, mouse poison works very well. That said, most of the time, mouse poison isn’t so much meant to kill an entire population of mice, rather to control their numbers. Taking this factor into consideration, we suggest that you invest in traps, and bait, in addition to mouse poison to best handle your rodent issue. 

If you are just beginning to see the signs of rodents, a fast-working mouse poison is your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re simply performing routine pest control for your place of business, a slower working mouse poison is more than effective.

How Many Types of Mouse Poison Is There to Choose From?

Several types of mouse poison exist, and, for the most part, they tend to work in similar fashions. The mouse is baited to eat the poison, thinking it is regular food, and then dies as a consequence. 

The most popular type of mouse poison is known as anticoagulant. This sort of mouse poison, more or less, causes internal bleeding in the rodent (until it dies). Other types of mouse poison, known as metal phosphides calcify the insides of rodents, while other several new and experimental types of mouse poison work in a various number of similar ways.

At any rate, most types of mouse poison are pretty toxic in one way or another and should be used with caution. If you are looking for the most tried and true type of mouse poison, we suggest sticking with an anticoagulant.

Are There Safe Alternatives to Deal With Rodent Infestations Than Mouse Poison?

The answer to that question depends on your idea of “safe alternatives.” Here are a few of the safest alternatives to mouse poison that we dug up during our research on the subject:

  • Buy a cat (or ten, depending on the size of your issue)
  • Electronic devices, such as the ones advertized to run mice and other rodents away via electronic signals they don’t like
  • Set a bowl of soda or beer in a lid or bowl, once the mice try the soda, or sip the beer, they will die due to natural causes (their stomachs exploding)
  • Even crueler than the tip above, you can always try cement mix in one dish, water in another (the mouse eats the cement, needs a drink, and its stomach turns to stone and it dies painfully)
  • Kill traps, no-kill traps, and other various solutions that don’t include poisoning the rodents

What Are Some of the Risks Associated With Mouse Poison?

The risks associated with mouse poison, though few, are very real. Children, pets, adults, and random wildlife can all be seriously harmed if they happen to ingest the mouse poison. For these reasons, whenever mouse poison is used (outside of easy-to-use products that come with instructions, such as poison bait stations) it should be applied by a licensed pest specialist or exterminator.

If you or a loved one (including pets) ingested mouse poison, seek-out professional medical treatment as soon as possible.

How Can I Reduce the Risks That Come With Using Mouse Poison?

There are a few simple steps that you can use to reduce the risks that come with misusing mouse poison:

  • Contact a local exterminator or pest-control expert 
  • Store your mouse-poison far away from pets, children, and wildlife
  • Check areas that you’ve used poison in before allowing children to play in the area
  • Always use bait stations when you have the chance instead of placing raw and exposed poison out in the open where it can be picked up and ingested
  • Quickly dispose of dead rodents as soon as you become aware of them, check for them often
  • Follow directions on all mouse poison products that you use yourself, and take the warnings with the utmost seriousness